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I'm Victoria Hurst from the Cosmo hurts kids campaign, my family's company, the Hearst corporation, publishes, cosmopolitan magazine, nicknamed Cosmo it contains pornography that hurts kids, especially girls and violates material harmful to minors laws. My Cosmo hurts kids campaign is working to stop cosmopolitan magazine from being sold to anyone under eighteen my website is Cosmo hurts kids dot com. Cosmo hurts kids dot com. So weird how we work sometimes as humans. You know? You're not feeling the way you used to write the energy. It's just not there. And you know, you have to make a change. But sometimes you just don't. Do anything about it. Well, really right now with the solution on the to give you there's no reason why you shouldn't be out there changing your life feeling better. And getting that energy back reignite, the spark and do that with my friends at new male medical center. Here's the number eight one three five zero one six six three six, and this is what they're gonna do for you. You're gonna go check out their location right here in Tampa. It's right near you eleven nationwide locations, but the one right here in Tampa, you go they're going to take your tests. We're gonna check your testosterone levels. They're going to do all the work, and they're going to find the solution for you by the time you walk out the door that day, you're going to be a new person because you're going to be on-track finding the right way to get your life back. Get that energy back do with my friends and numale medical center, new mail dot com. N U M A L E dot com. Make the change with new male medical center. Once again, that's new mail dot com. From the automobile hearing aid student. News radio..

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