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NPR's car talk with us click and collect the tap at brothers and we broadcasting this week from the car talk Plaza department of joke dissemination and folklore. Yeah, isn't it? An interesting place. That sign, man, I was taking him a week. I want to go to the department of redundancy department. Where is that? We tend to have running jokes on the show that after a while, no one but my brother knows why they're funny. So I don't know. So we opened this new division to disseminate these so called jokes and we have one here. You ready? Yeah. Dear click and clack tap it. Spelled incorrectly. TAP IT, but we talked about that once already. So dear Tom and Rick. He goes on and on. I think I'll get to the important part. Also, I have a question for you to disseminate. Who is Sandra Henning and what are you doing with her Tutu? Who is Sandra Henning? We do want a case. Who is Sandra Henning? Well, Sonya henny's two two it's not unlike saying Germany cricket. It isn't? Yes. Who's jiminy cricket? Who said, actually, who said Sonja Henie's Tutu originally? I think Sonja Henie's Tutu was that expression why I first heard from Pat Harrington. Really? Don't tell me Pat Harrington was Roy Rogers sidekick. Talk about obfuscation. Sonia, haney. I know everyone knows who Sonia. Sonia henny was an Olympic skater who achieved considerable renowned from her from her native wherever she was from Finland, Sweden, one of those Norway Norway, Norway, I think was not north. Anyway, she was up there in the great frozen northern. She made a lot of movies like in the 40s. Well, she won a skating Olympic and she wore one. She wanted an Olympic gold medal for skating and she wore what a total. Of course, all skaters went to. So if you were to invoke some Vedic God, you would be better off calling out Sonja henin. Right. I think so. I don't know. I would make it be well, I never. That's how I think of it. Well, I never actually. Take holy cow. Yeah. Can we take a call? One 803 three two 9 two 8 7. Hello, you're on car talk. Hello, this is Charles Lang from Denver. Hi, Charles. What's up? Yes, that's cool. He is. Okay. He's both. I live in Denver and we have a Colorado clean air program here and we have a mission testing for our cars. And when I took my 1983 82 Mazda GLC in has a 110,000 miles to get in at failed emission test. And.

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