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Typewriter guy from sesame street was up at something. No good i mentioned the typewriter guy years ago On this podcast. because i'm obsessed with them and no one knew what i was talking about Anyway i think The problem is typewriter is such an antiquated thing. I mean the league's estimate street. Can air typewriter guy reruns. You know they can't reuse those cartoons. His children mona. What the fuck he is you know. What else is antiquated old people. And their stig. Thanks to a chemical compound called to no no. no it's caused by omega. Seven fatty acids breaking down on the skin. Do cia oxidisation. is that also. Why old people get that patino like sheen on their skin start to discolor. Currently the body produces more of these fatty acids ages as antioxidant defenses begin to deteriorate at the age of forty holy shit. I'm to start sticking like old person. He what happens. Old people. And i'm turning into one more to nonni all is present on the skin which may have an impact on body odor. The study says human body odor consists of kinds of odor components. Okay here we have investigated changes in body odor associated with aging body odor of subjects between the age of twenty six hundred seventy five or analyzed by head space gas chromatography slash mass spectometry to nonni other. So many words that potentially are going to trip me up here. Walking through a minefield so far. I've done pretty good. I think assuming. I'm pronouncing nonni all correctly. Judy all in unsaturated. Oh here's another one. Aldehydes with an unpleasant greasy and grassy odor was detected in older subjects. So you could describe. The old person stink as unpleasant gracie slash grassy further more analysis of skin surface lipids revealed unsaturated fatty acids in lipid peroxides also increase with aging. And that there were positive correlations between the amount of to nonni all and the body odor in the amount of unsaturated fatty acids or lipid peroxides in skin. Surface lipids. okay. This is all too technical for me. Point is old person stink is we are not crazy and it doesn't have anything to do with this or shit specifically musty old piss. That's been trapped in their underwear or shit. That's cake dot around there butthole. They didn't get properly when wiped. I mean those smells. Don't help the overall aroma. That's different than old person stink. Apparently there are ways to reduce the amount..

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