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Salivary diagnostics. Oral dna labs. He's a leader. Emerging fill to tell a dentistry creating a simplified approach to getting low dress commonsense. Dental health care advice. Virtually and before i start talking i whenever i see. You're the third. And i'm sad. Because i i'm the second i could've been the third but my grandfather was howard taft for ran and he by the time he named my dad. He changed his view. He didn't like that president anymore so he changed. My dad's name to howard. Eugene fran so. I'm howard eugene for the second and it was so confusing that my dad's start going by short middle name. He started going but everyone start calling him gene and they just called me a mistake. So that's how that worked. But hey my first question or you how you doing and asheville man. I'm so sorry to hear you guys had a We're doing good you know. I think that was very unusual way to spend christmas morning. You know it was interesting because you know you start your day pretty normally and a little bit adami quiet you know with sort of the way. We're celebrating things right now and so. It took a little bit longer for the news. What happened to actually get out because so many of us just kind of at home and leisurely join the morning but my office is actually two blocks from the blast site and two blocks up hill and my building loss. A couple of windows and waterline. And so i think the size of that explosion was a lot beer are that the people might realize just a seeing it on tv but yeah man. It's a weird world but your dental office was affected by that explosion. Yeah don't. I'm sorry i'm going to give away my alcoholism but ashville. I know second avenue. That's where all the bars are. And you can see titan stadium at the end. It was it on that street street. The street that parallels the river which parallels the tight stadium so it was right in the middle of our entertainment district. You know so. It's such an unusual place in the way it happened. So unusual with the timing of it so no one would be around and the fact that no one was was killed. There was was quite something then. It was just ten years ago. You had the crazy flood. Yeah yeah area about rebuilding your dental office in an article.

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