Lebron Lonzo, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast


Today we've taught quarterfinals in the will cup stage matches in the world cup preview does we talked about lebron lonzo or rondo alonzo excuse me for the third side we talked about coaches we're gonna be on the hot seat now we talk about anything else going on in the world of sports so mentioned wimbledon earlier okay we had novak djokovic winning in straight sets doll wedding straightsets marin civic losing getting upset he's the third to the tournament for the men's side and i don't understand tennis rankings i do but there's a point where like why is no joke of its ranked twelve okay really think he's the twelfth best the twelfth best tennis player in this tournament okay like serena williams may twenty fifth i understand that they'd take some time off in all that but there's a point where i feel like yeah surely took time off you got to award the players who have been there been playing every weekend what not there's a point where come on now federa should be number one adult members to make jovic number three it doesn't really matter to me okay and then serena should always be number one okay i'm not sure how these rankings really worked or anything like that can't be as bad as favoring snow way but like i said okay let's cut the middleman and let's just make the rankings the way they're supposed to be.

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