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All right. We are back talking now about some things that we are learning last week. We talk in your Tattoo. Yeah that was pretty today. We're going to cover another one another tattoo. Your mom will not be happening. It's it's my mom and just so in case you guys all know Steven. He's my son so so anyway you hear some of that sometimes come out when our family talk and his mom is not real happy with his tattoos but she she she likes it she likes it. That's what she's you keep telling yourself you keep it honest with a self. Keep telling you but I will say that at starbucks today. A Guy I total strangers just walked up. What does that Tattoo me? I gotta say that was cool moment some guy from la or something. Yeah he just wanted to know and you got to Winston. What is to him? It was very cool. I'll sit there and watched it. I loved it. Yeah so I'm not motivated to get a tattoo because of it but I'm just saying that was cool. Did you tell your mom that'll make better. I usually likes it already. The whatever okay all right so so i WanNa talk about what I've been reading recently. We've done a some choice. Resource Awards awards next level worship has come out with those and you can go to our website and check them out twelve different resources. Some books are music. Some are online the courses that you can check out. These are things that we believe are really valuable. An excellent and good worship the allergy very are excited about the choice resource awards but one of those is a book by Mike Harland. It's a book called Worship Essentials and I'm not GonNa get into all the details that I won't tell you to go read the book but it's really really good. Especially if you are a worship leader or a pastor now realized that everybody listening is one of those but maybe the Lord may call all you to be that one day down the road or just as a good church member that wants to support his passer passer and leaders. This'll be a good book for you. Mike. Carlin wrote it. And we've got an interview. I did hour long interview with Mike. Akai went up to his office in Nashville Dinner. An interview with him and it's a great interview. He did a got a job to explain the book. But what I WANNA point out to. You is that he's got four four parts to this book and again I won't get into the details tales of what what all these are but the first thing he says and he impacts it in the book is called till the story so the First Section about telling the story. And here's what he said Stephen Authors. There's really good. He said you can't tell a story that you don't have I think he's got a good point he said so when you're leading others in worship leading them to worship God you need to have a story of your own what do you think about that. You gotTa have a reason to leave. Then you gotta understand what you're leading wire leading them in what you're talking about. Would you agree. Yeah Yeah I mean you could get up into sing the song and his mouth words come out. But what about if he knew at the song would that mean more. I'm sure the NFC idea it's like telling somebody he uses A. I don't know if he uses this'll choice and this may be minute but he talked about this in the interview. We talked about it together. It's like telling somebody about a great restaurant but you've never been to that restaurant it's like it's like listening to somebody interviewed about parenting and they have no kids. They've never parented. They've never been to the restaurant. They have no experience. But they're talking about. Do you want someone leading you in worship this not experiencing worship. That's his point in the first part of the book you gotTa tell a story and first first of all you gotTa have a story. Yeah Okay and then you got to communicate that story well and and I WANNA get into this in a different con. Different podcast outcast. I WanNa talk about leading and influencing people engaging people from the platform. That's a different conversation. But that's what he gets into in the first part of this book telling the story communicated way that's interesting and engaging and so and so and then the second one is is make disciples and this is what I love this book and I love what might extend so much and am not learning. This is I'm being reminded of it. And I'm being encouraged by but this somehow I love that our minister has been trying to do for longtime as make disciples through through worship and and and so it's not just waiting for the teachers or the Smog Margaret leaders to do it. We all have a responsibility to help other people grow. And that's what that's what he talks about in there. So that was very encouraging to see make disciples whatever role you play. If you're the nursery workers you can you can encourage an an and some influence the parents parents and the and the teachers around you you can make an impact and and your ministry can help make disciples okay. Then the third one is engaged the body so he said and I wanna hear what you think to this but he said it's not enough just to sing to them. You want to engage them. You don't WanNa just stand up and Sing Adam. You want them to get engaged as well. Yes I think. That's this great this leadership. Yep It definitely is and and And the fact is they're going to be engaged by something if it's not you it'll be their cell phones or it'll what they've got going on tomorrow tomorrow or it'll be nice for sure you know. The Dude looks funny on the front row. Yeah I think that's super important plus it's just a it's it just shows the unification of body. That's what I love about being worship leader under about more than anything. You know. Grounded in faith with a bunch of people. You know it encourages me does. And so I think that's total diverse in thanks psalm. Thirty six says o taste and see the Lord's good idea if you've gone to that great restaurant. Don't you WanNa go tell people about that. Great restaurant of course if we if we've tasted the Lord is so to speak and in our personal tom in our daily time and we've got to know him fall in love with him. We want others to do that too. We don't want them just to set up there and watch us saying we want them to experience. His goodness experiences grace experienced the the words in the meaning of the words were singing. And I think that's the point of this book and it certainly when I believe engage the body. Don't just let them be spectators. Yeah Okay and then the fourth thing he says is a spire with purpose and say about that today is that this is so important important to not only know the songs are singing are what you're doing in your church but no why you're doing it to snow why I think there's a lot of people don't really know why they're involved with a wide with church An- and participating something stop and think. Why do you do that? And that's what he said. Aspire with purpose have reasons let people know that your purpose is to glorify the Lord yes but also engage people people and all these other things just have purpose and have a system. He talks about a system in that book worship. Essentials says how are you going to accomplish these things know how you're going to have the purpose for it and stick to it and because in the long run it will pay off love that. That's good. Yeah I think purposes so important because often whether it's it's bleeding worshiper music or something totally totally different. Someone will get into something and to a meaning whether it's hobby or career because they like it just because they enjoy it which is good. He's me you should enjoy joy it but if that is the reason the problem comes into play because inevitably one day you're gonNA wake up and you're gonNA hate it this. Is that all of this where you're going with this. But it reminds me of when he said it. You said you watched a shark tank and you saw a gallon. There that that that was that was that he was he was trying that show. Oh was is one where people bring them ideas and try to get them invest in their business ideas there and this guy brought a very unusual entrepreneurs walking in front of four four or five investors like big time invested right. And you remember what you told me though the guy yes. Yeah so this guy is. I have no idea what was in that guys head when he started that company or want so no. That doesn't relate to what I'm talking about. Oh yes he does. No wait a minute because you said is that. He said his wife working fulltime. Because somebody asked him how you support me it was that though. So that's why brought it up because he's he literally walks in and puts these awful smelling canes wants most vacant his whole his whole deal was was like was like I was about getting married now wife but she hated the way. My apartment's bill so it was like I gotta make it smell good but I wanted to still be manly. You know so. He's got Kamalia Campfire one. That smells like one. Smells like Bacon and then one. It was like a joke. Granted he knew it was stupid. But it's Molly Fart. He brings is this in and I mean the the design of the logo and the stuff at all it like something you'd see in the kids section. Yeah but anyway he was is They ask him investors ask him. How do you support yourself on this? And he's like well. My wife Works full-time made one of them. Said they just called it out like your wife works full-time while you pour four candles. Yeah all day long. And it's just I can. He's gotten somewhere not company because he's on it so we're not picking on him but the point that I'm trying to make up well if you're listening the FARC. Oh my God so what. I'm trying to make it is is is your purpose worthy of your time and investment. Because that's what guys giving a lot of time. Yeah I just think I think on the days when you wake up and you hate it if there's no deeper motive if deeper grounding then you tend to fall by the wayside don't we have of all people in the world don't we have the greatest purpose of all and that's to ultimately are again. The heart of worship Russian is to is to live a life of worship that encourages others to one or two and a great purpose of also. So so you know I was thinking about this too so that they get really like maybe the rest of us just kind of tired. Sometimes you know you can go to be discouraged. You know if you're trying to lead are the people who were going to get it. Are They GonNa follow you know do they. Are we going to be able to Iraq right. Now we're trying to raise money for the end of the year in our ministry organization. We're trying to raise funds for big for next year and you just wonder if we're GONNA be able to do that or people are GonNa get it. They GonNA support you all these questions and it can be very discouraging and what. I was reminded of his something. Paul said he said. Don't be don't don't be weary and well doing for. In time and time you will reap a harvest. If you don't give up powerful Eddie. If you don't quit don't quit just know why you doing. And that's purpose that I think going back to the book worship essentials this what he's talking about spar with purpose know Y. You're doing what you do and do it with all your mind even when you get tired sometimes you just got to remind yourself. There's a deeper purpose absolutely.

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