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Brutal. I think we quickly found the dog days of summer here. How are you, Bill? I'm doing good, Mark. I want to get right into this hot bullpen and all these arms and first thing off. The Giants have won 20 games and I was looking at this last night. The starters of only 17 of them. 13 winds out of the bullpen. Of course, Bar guards got five. Salmon's Got one. Garcia's got to Watson's Got one. Rogers one got one men as one, Peralta one. This is the change of baseball. There's no doubt about it. The starters aren't getting you know, deep into the Games been the first part of the 60 game season. What about this pulpit? Absolutely. And there is the big beneficiary that he suddenly have among the most Winton baseball just he's their fifth or sixth inning guy. You know, the fireman that comes out and extinguishes whatever jam that Johnny Cueto where whoever left for him. And he's been really good at that role in that role lends itself to win because the Giants offense can come alive after that, and suddenly he's in position for pretty. Suddenly, the giant open has become a weapon for them. I don't think they'd Kappler felt more comfortable with the guys. And then he has right now. I mean, you look around here hasn't given up unearned run all year 12 innings that, uh, picking up two runs in total, No learned. Sam Selman is maybe the find of the year and striked out. Everyone barrier has been great. Tony Walking has been great little lefty guys. When you look at Rogers, he's been pretty good. You would like that last Dominant righty arm, and they're still searching for it. But absolutely they very quickly. You know, at the beginning of the year that we the weakness, and over the last couple weeks, it's become a star. Then they kind of picked up a rightie. They prod in Rico Garcia just to have another right arm down there and Andrew stores that got sent out. But you know, when you start looking at Lefty's writing, these lefties have just been magnificent. I mean, you talk about someone, Burger and Garcia, all three of these guys weren't even around. That we're even. They were talked about When you first went to spring training one These guys were Garcia wasn't even here. And the other two lefties were more or less add ons. Maybe getting an inning here and ending here. And now look at they solidified the left side that bullpen. Absolutely. I think it's Salman, who was First of all, we're nearly out of baseball a couple years ago, and then this spring training. He was among the first demoted Tio minor league camp where they didn't think you were throwing enough strike. The guy whose only got two pitches. He also can't hit the strike zone that that's a real issue. And then he was he did get invited to camp eventually to camp 2.0 on, start throwing more strikes and Another fastball got a little bit faster that he had been working out a lot, and but the slider has become really a devastating pitch. The guys are not picking up on, um, very quickly. You know, he came from other nowhere to become. Maybe they're most reliever at this point. So yesterday you wrote about the defense and I can't tell you had three Gold glove winners out there yesterday and rough. Dickerson and Flores, all three of them made spectacular place. And I know you were wondering how did that happen? And where did that come from? Tell me your thoughts when you watch those guys. It was absolutely bizarre. Before the game. I was talking with Mark Willard. Uh, he said, you know, you look at the right side of the infield and that at the very spot right? And I said, absolutely, and look to the left of the outfield, and that's the worry spot, too. Where you put in Solano it second where he's struggled in putting Flora's at first, because you can't be a everyone putting rocket left because you can't be eight. Everyone they were. They were trying to hide those gloves on. Uh, you know, the the ball found them and they actually came through and floors of play, especially charging on that front where he got a really nice read on it and threw a strike and chop also with a night bag. Overall above average Major league players employees has been around a long time. You hope that even more serviceable fielder than he looked at me from the party this year really all of the red flag. You would think came through big time yesterday. Even Delano, who didn't make a play in the infield, then came through with a home run. Oh, yeah, that's that's why he's out there, so it was a really remarkable and unexpected game. We're listening to Mark Mark Sanchez on can be our pregame show another another great hitter finally coming back to where we saw him Yesterday. It was Donovan Solano. Three for three with a walking single double and a home run. Dani barrels really barreled up yesterday. Absolutely. I'm really curious about him this year, because if you dig into the advanced tap his habits, his batting average with balls in play last year was over 400 on what that essentially means is You know when he has found a hole and usually hire one indicates that your average is going to come down over time. And yet this year again is very high..

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