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This is Fox News. She's ready. Okay. LBJ. I'm John Cooley and topping Austin's news. Local health officials are growing Mork concerned about the ability of Austin area hospitals to handle the growth of new coronavirus cases. Boston public houses I see you. Utilization has grown by 62% the past week and overall hospital admissions that climb by more than 100% since the beginning of the month. More and more first responders are getting banks needed for covert 19 Austin police officers. We're now getting vaccinations and in Williamson County, Sam Bass firefighter Corby, Brian Says the vaccinations have been very welcome. Long years azalea looking forward to getting this steak That's been a long time coming. 15 Williams, a county fire stations and for long term care facilities have now gotten the vaccine in the city of Austin gets new homelessness strategy officer City officials say Miss Diana Gray will be taken the position starting next Monday. Gray has been involved with nonprofits and state coordinated efforts to combat homelessness around Texas since 2000 and eight Okay LBJ radar Weather Watch High 73 Get Austin News on demand it news radio K L b J com This'd is America in the morning from Westwood one. I'm John Trout. It's Tuesday, December 29th 2020 and coming up on America in the morning. It's the first veto override of the Trump presidency. This vote is about supporting our troops and defending America. I'm Linda Kenyon in Washington. The Ohio police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man last week has been fired. I'm Jackie Quinn, the president elect and countering roadblocks in his transition to the White House. It's nothing short in my view of irresponsibility. I'm Clayton never stops trying to continue our record run..

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