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All right, we're back here at the hockey party cast with the matri filippovich and Harmon dial harm. Let's talk about chicken. So he goes for a 2023 first, which is top 5 protected. Washington's 2024 second. And a 2026 second down the road. And there was a lot at play here. There's a ton of context. It's clearly important that was dictating this price, right? It came out afterwards. Elliott Freeman reported that the coyotes essentially had no interest in taking any dollars back, even if it was expiring for this deal, like to facilitate it. They needed to do a deal like this where they just take on futures that they don't have to pay for now and just get off of Jacob chicken's contract, which in and of itself is such a sad way to think about this thing because you're talking about a 25 year old defender who's in his prime who's really good, who's making half of what he probably should be on the open market and you're viewing it as like, this is a bit too pricey for us. I think we need to cut some costs here. Let's save the coyotes conversation for us for a bit down the road here because it's another whole separate issue, but from the senator's perspective, I get the risk of, all right. If they missed the playoffs again, this is too straight years where they trade a first for Alex to bring. They trade a first for Jacob Chico. They're running out of runway with cheap ELC or similar to what we're talking about with the Canucks where Jake Sanderson has one war. They've already paid Josh Norris. They've already paid Brady could shock. They've already paid Tim stutzle. They've paid Thomas Shabbat, right? They've already not boxed themselves in but like they're paying for a lot of these young players and they don't have the team success yet. That's to show for it, right? And so you're wondering whether it's from a timing perspective the right timeline, whether it makes sense, I guess I don't want to be speaking out of both sides of my mouth here because the senators aren't necessarily that far ahead of the Canucks in terms of their place in the league hierarchy. But I do like that they went and at least got a cost controlled 25 year old defenseman taking even though they're not in that dissimilar position. I know that they're much closer to the playoffs this year. There is risk involved, but I just maybe what's clouding my judgment is the fact that I feel like I'm on the extreme end of my Jacob sugar and evaluation. I think he is very, very good and the conversation around him has not done justice what a player he is. Yeah, I think there are also a couple of differences in comparing the senators and the cocks. Number one is senators at this point. They don't

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