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Advocates and players came to his defence assists iranian make mike car he said now with more surveillance protecting his tp or his hummy from oakland and then here's the one that it this is where the debate will contest in fourth that said santa marcus i like family i'm sure he was going to deescalate the situation very unfortunate happen and yeah i think probably in a fatty like okay i gotta go help ran late but you're right don't hints the wrath because that's a bad precedent also christy as an official if something breaks out what are the officials always do players get it's the officials job to deep escalate that not a player's responsibility if you say and i don't know what the nfl do maybe they consider him being thrown out a suspension you know maybe they just consider but you cannot allow that because it's not the nfl's job to know at what can you imagine from this point forward suspensions are based on i mean i read a story one time that in the nba every nba player eighty five percent of nba players either have have a family member that was a division one athlete or in the league so you get to the nba a lot of these players are they know each other they played with each other they're very very good friends a cousin to a third caze you can't you can't is you can't allow that this a passionate guy like he he feels and he's going to act and how he feels yeah i mean listen i marchan lynch were they picked him up i'm like i like marche on lynch to the writer's i think you know he's he's not in his prime but i kind of like the toughness in the fortitude he brings to the team i think there's value goldline situations but come on we get this that the can't talk about were related so you can run on a field and the lakers tv last night and they were booed.

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