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It's a long bit but had a very interesting piece of outlook what's what's going on which i was i think tiger woods is a lost so i mean he made an error here thank god nobody got hurt all since that's the case okay he was out drinking a little bit shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car that's a lesson that we all need to make sure that we disseminate the masses don't drink and drive very simple but as a pretends to tackle woods it goes for it goes far teeth than that i harken back to you know two thousand eight two thousand whenever that incident occurred outside of his home and windermere odd last time we want a major was in two thousand eight last time you want a pga tour event was in twenty thirteen but what really resonates and there's really vexing should be vaccine to us all was how the guy was a sexually living the life of a complete phony and got exposed i'm not saying that to denigrate him in any way are speaking about facts you went about the business of making yourself into a billionaire because you marketed just self as the wholesome family guy you know with beautiful wife the beautiful home to beautiful game itself in the beautiful image it was meticulously and carefully crafted to manipulate the masses and when he got caught out the listen it's not of opd business what happened in his personal life between him and his wife winnie thing like that he's the exception because he made it up business by selling us something that was the complete antithesis of how he was living in when he got busted it's hard to look at the world and know that everyone sees you for the phony that you all so he's been about the reclamation project a rebuilding his image so he can walk into a room every day shake hands with folks have interviews that weren't to probe being you know people not him being at the dinner table with them or anything like that contemporaries in the sport of golf still respect him rooting for him that appear to be more of an incentive and a part of his agenda and actually go.

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