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Global Warming, Climate Change, Paris discussed on Stuff You Should Know


No no no it's just much cooler and like because it's cooler by safe five degrees celsius um like a lot of stuff changes it's the same thing is global warming but on the opposite end right correct like you have changes in mo migration patterns you have changes in habitat for animal some things go extinct during the transition um sea levels change a lot of stuff happens right so this is part of the normal process of the earth but the earth's kinda got it like hey hey i've got the center control i don't need any help from you humans and i when i do do this this is the earth talking and first person when i do change from a glacial period to a warm period it takes many tens and tens of thousands of years right yeah we you humans here again business still me the earth her you humans are really messing with my program here and accelerating the process and you know what all even give you a clue as to what you're doing that's making it so bad carbon dioxide emissions bam said that the earth dropped its microphone walked away yet and then it went back and picked up his mic in said and may be stop littering hit the in a drop the mic again yep uh we should talk of a minute about a wonderful group called the ipcc the intergovernmental panel on climate change yes i'm very smart people there oh man can can i just say it to me the ipcc is one of the coolest things humanity's ever come up with the ah because it's it's the world coming together saying we got a real problem on our hands with get our smartest people together and create a database here of of good science yet and the those people are specifically about 2500 actually more 2500 scientists from around the world meeting together in places like paris because why not right sure uh they did this about ten years ago and came up with a lot of um.

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