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I get that you're gonna he'll debt stood up just fine and so and i by the time trump's out of office it should be at forty trillion dollars terms not add the now firms yeah don't forget i mean wall street ends up owning most of this debt means they a own most of view and this country i mean that's that's the idea the meeting what you're saying there is that your fruits of your labour your children your grandchildren's labor as being claimed gas into the future by the government that's what it's doing how absolutely of what it says you know first it says it owns a portion of your labour through the income tax and what it has debt it's saying that it will pay that debt back in the future by future labour that labour is while frankly would i say your grandchildren i'm being hyperbolic you are the the the the united states has had debt at the very least since the jackson administration and likely the reporting thousand dollars the floated got kind of got a fudged at that point so we're absolutely positively still paying off the civil war right right who paying debt on the civil interest on debt for civil war and that just goes to show the it's evil i mean it's evil to say i just let my grandchild pay for this prey how dare you but how dare you taxpayer how dare you politician how dare you say that my child has to pay for your social security you're bombers and all this other stuff that is not the way this works and that's one of the richest people in america they're leaving they're giving up their citizenship and people tax them anymore eight five five four five zero 373 is the single most important.

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