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On the evening of May six two thousand thirteen Tim. Bozeman put his two year old daughter to bed and began into pace. He's waiting for this guy who's supposed to come by to test drive his truck they plan to meet at seven but by now it was nine o'clock doc. Now he knew they were coming. They called around like seven thirty to say they're on their way from Toronto. But now it's almost dark and like he's like let's just get the show on the road already so while he's waiting for them he's kind of talking to his wife bought the people coming over and he's asking like do you think I should like go with them for the test drive or just like give them the keys. He's let them do it and she's like yeah. Of course you go with them like we want our truck to come back. Don't you don't give a stranger so finally well. After nine o'clock to men arrived for the test drive and it's no wonder they were late because they show up on foot and this is a little unusual usual in general. But you know like they're there to buy a car maybe they didn't have one of their own fine. But what makes this feel. Extra strange was was that Tim and his wife Charlene lived in this. Like Very semi-rural area. That's an hour outside of Toronto. So this isn't a place that you typically like get to on foot but whatever like any kind of worries or just brush off their finally here and the bones were hopeful that their truck was finally going to sell it was costing more than they're willing to pay repairs and upkeep and they really needed the cash so Tim Bozeman smiles at his wife and says he's going to be right back he gets into the truck drives away and the time starts to pass a little more slowly and when an Our passes and Tim still hasn't returned. Charlene begins to really worry like this was just a test drive even if they wanted to take the truck on the highway. It wouldn't take this long. Something isn't right and she knew that he charged his phone that evening when he got home from work so the fact that she was making calls to him and they're rolling straight to voicemail is making her even more concerned like she knew was charged. He should be picking up but yet every single one was going into voicemail so she starts calling around to friends and family but no one has seen or heard from Tim. Her bad feeling begins to grow and she couldn't sit sit around and wait anymore so charlene reports her husband missing to the Hamilton police. By the time the Sun comes up on May seventh. Police were already starting their ground search urge with officers and their canine unit. which just goes to prove that you can file a missing persons report as soon as possible? Yeah absolutely like there's no time limit. I mean that's one of the things we've heard over and over cases people being told by police. You have to wait time. I would hope now. It's two thousand nineteen like everyone knows. That's not a thing but if something happens if someone when you know where to go missing you have to wait no amount of time. So when police assigned to Tim's case start looking into his life they find that by all accounts. Tim had been living a totally normal life. He went to work every day. He came home to his wife and his young daughter. They had built this home in an Castro Ontario. Like he's active in his church in his community like literally. According to every source I read for this story from like books to local media national media. He was not the kind of guy to just up and walk away or disappear disappear so when he did disappear people noticed and like I said they start this search right away. In addition to the ground search police also set to work work on getting the public's help to locate Tim's black dodge ram truck like it's big it's flashy. It's hard to miss. They think this could be the best opportunity for someone to find him him. If we find this truck I and it turns out someone had seen the truck in Brantford in this is about twenty minutes from the Bozeman home and at about ten after ten on the night that Tim went missing. And you know what else they found in Brantford. Is it like to hopeful to want them to find him. Well that would make for a really short episode so no. They didn't find him but they did find his phone now. On the one hand the investigation seemed like it was moving pretty quickly like again like the night of the truck spot the next day. They're searching they find the car they find him. He's we're actually developing but on the other finding the phone without Tim mm-hmm meant that he had likely not disappeared on his own. which again I mean people have been saying all along but like that confirmation? I'm sure people were holding out hope that this was all just a misunderstanding uh-huh but they at least had his phone now and they needed to dive into the records they knew from Tim's wife Charlene that the men who had come for the test drive had contacted him by phone at least twice wants to set up the time and then another to basically alert him that they were GonNa be late so police had this number and maybe that was going to lead them to tim so it was super easy to get the number but when police track the number they also get a name Lucas Bait eight so according to live trial coverage by Adam Carter of the CBC police went to great lengths to find this Lucas Bait person they track down where the phone is purchased and they go get surveillance footage but they weren't able to get the surveillance footage so too much time had passed at that point between when it was purchased and when they were looking for it but they were able to get an address for Lucas beat now he's address was one in a nearby neighborhood of Toronto so not too far away but the address led them to somewhere really unexpected it led them to a highschool highschool a high school that had never heard of Lucas beat so of course the police realized this phone is a burner and I'm sure most of our season junkies know Oh what a burner phone is but it's really basic phone with basic service Nobel's no whistles like you have to register it but you can register it in bogus names bogus Addresses right contractor. Anything really official tied to it. I mean you you could just be anyone. It's basically registered to a ghost and this is what the situation is here and unfortunately even though we have this number it seems like the name we have is fake and it doesn't offer any new information. But here's the thing. It wasn't wasn't a complete dead end when police access the phone call history which they could do. They see several other Toronto area numbers burs listed as outgoing calls so the imaginary Lucas Bait led police straight to the man who would blow this case wide open and the man who was the key to this case was named eager. Now it turns out Tim. Bozeman wasn't the only diet with a dodge Ram for sale eager had one listed on line two and it turns out a few nights. Prior to Tim's disappearance eager had taken can two guys on a test drive and his story sounds just like the one charlene Bozeman told her husband now. Two guys arrived at his house now on foot looking to test drive a truck now. The only difference is that Ebor came back and Tim. Bozeman did not okay but like what's what's the difference like why take him but not eager. Well so there's woman named an broker hurt who wrote this book dark ambition and she also covered this for the Toronto Star. According to everything she wrote. Police said quote that he was a very large individual who could easily have overpowered the suspect. So I think Egos Gore was a much bigger guy and presented like a bigger challenge for them than maybe Tim would have so as police talk to eager about his experience. I mean we have now a living witness of likely. The two guys who took Tim eager tells them that one was a smaller guy. In a baggy sweatshirt with his hood pulled up and the other was a taller man carrying a Satchel and sporting a small tattoo on his wrist. That read ambition so now police were actually getting somewhere aware so this is when they take this information and they go to the public to ask for help. Find a guy who carries a Satchel and has an ambition tattoo. They said so within within hours the phones are ringing and not once but twice to other Ontario policing agencies are the ones that are calling though and they say we know who your guy is so on May eleventh. This is just five days after Tim. Bozeman went on that test drive. Police announced publicly that they've made an arrest out of nowhere. It seems they arrested a man named Dylan Millard. When police originally were brought to him mm-hmm Delon looked like he was the last person you would have picked out to kidnap a guy in steel? His truck there's this article from Robin Levinson King being of the BBC that gives a perfect life and times overview of this guy. He was basically twenty-seven he's the heir to a multimillion dollar aviation business during his grandfather. Yeah and then continued by his father at fourteen dollars a record. He became the youngest Canadian to fly a helicopter and airplane Solo on the same day. His life wasn't perfect though like six months before all of this happened this whole Tim. Bozeman thing went down. Dylan's father had actually died suddenly surprising everyone everyone in the community especially those closest to him now his parents had also divorced. Wendelin is really small and it was exceptionally hard on him but as he got got older and like grew into himself Dell became kind of a party boy with this big social circle he would host friends on the weekends. He even moved people in when they needed needed. A hand and like his social circle included no shortage of young women and it would come out later that was like Kuwait the cazenove like dating eating and sleeping with multiple partners. He also owned multiple properties in Ontario. He had like several luxury cars. He usually bought them in cash and his friends would always estimate that he was worth between ten and twenty million dollars. So why is he ceiling trucks. So that's the thing that doesn't make sense right right like he didn't need to he could've walked onto any car lot anywhere and just bought one in cash and it's his friends say that he used to do and again. That's why when and police were like pointed to him. None of this made sense. Why is this guy kidnapping a guy for a dodge ram truck? When he's got like a lot of luxury cars? He has multiple multiple homes. Like it wasn't fitting. It didn't seem like the profile right right. So the night police finally brought Dylan Millard in was like a scene from a movie according to the CBC BBC police surrounded his car guns drawn and placed him under arrest in his front pocket was three hundred and fifty dollars cash and three black latex gloves when they search his car on his key chain were the keys to. Tim Bows Men's truck.

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