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In DC house committee votes to hold the US attorney general in content in a cynic committee wants the word with the president's son more coming up in two minutes after traffic. It's four thirty five. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives here. Sinise. Fondue go right back to Desmond and sky three over our crash on the six five in Santa Fe springs progress. You're southbound side of the six zero five past the five. Now, the main line lanes are now open for the south six oh five, but this is really affecting the south five two thousand six five as well. People kind of have to cut early because of this connector lanes are blocked cell. The technically jam south six five from Beverly southbound Rosemead you could use that to save a lot of time right now Norwalk binder boulevard, also saving time, south five. It's just making it that much worse out of the east L energy age. Southbound telegraph to help you get into Norwalk that way. Denise we've got some trouble now in the Brentwood area. This is on the four zero five let's go to Scott for that four or five jam Cam four or five northbound. Right at Sunset Boulevard. A motorcycle crash blocking the carpool lane that's going to add the slowing here starting about that. It's lavar continue sluggish up to sepulveda's pass heading into the San Fernando Valley Denise on the four five ounce had a couple of other problems northbound at century. We had a stock car center divider. So if you're at LAX expect to see a break in traffic there and a little south of the ten on that four or five southbound gonna bumper reported in the two left lanes. So another break coming and your backup. They're starting at about Wilshire boulevard. So let's stick with the four five will head to Orange County in Irvine. Let's go to Brian for five jam Cam. Just got an update from CHP on this crash involves a big rig nor four five at seven canyons. And that's going to have a little slow from the one thirty three that has cleared to the right passenger, okay? Okayed four or five loads out. Now, the fifty five stay slow all the way up to the twenty to get a new wreck on the one ten. This is on the southbound side gauge who may have injuries and this one right shoulder of the road. So it's going to be a bit slow through there. And another report of a crash on the four zero five northbound this. Ones in this opponent of pass it Scurr ball motorcycle crash reported become a cane traffic tipster gives the counter tip line numbers. Three two three four six seven ten. Seventy next report four forty five. I'm Denise Fonda. With more traffic reports. More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio sticking with the clouds today, and the blow average temperatures lot of sixties. Again, changes are coming maybe some drizzle for tomorrow morning. But then tomorrow.

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