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But I'm telling you that dude is more mechanic than fashion model like he's had a lot of people from if you know, Schenectady New York that guy the packaging is one thing. And who he is on the inside is something else. Yeah. It is a book. And then there's the cover, and it goes all the way back to Adolf up at Kentucky and everything else all the way through I'm so looking forward to this. And how about a sensitive side to him because he is one of the toughest people I've ever been around and I've only been around in from a distance. But how about the sensitive side of Pat Riley that he never lets you see I'll tell you a couple of stories without wanting to ruin the surprise is there's some intimate stuff in there about the cost to his family and how he's had to do some big things late in life to compensate for some of the things he missed earlier in life. And some of that makes him a motion as it relates to his kids and his wife, and then there's one story that makes him also the same kind of emotional, and it's great. Ori- Mike it's Alonzo Mourning after you remember those Nick series. They were bloodbaths they were sewage basketball games in the eighties. Everybody fighting and his one seed loss to the eight seeded Knicks. And then at the end, he sort of just realized oh, this isn't gonna work. We're not going to get there. And after that game he's at his office and he's at his desk, and he is sobbing and Alonzo because he knows it's over that team against the New York rival, his New York history and Alonzo Mourning points to them and says, you haven't talked to your team get out there and do your bleeping job and Pat Riley realize, yeah, I need to finish the season off I need to go talk to them, even though I'm broken, and as he's talking about Alonzo Mourning Mike who is sort of the cartoon manifestation of Pat Riley's will write you work, and you will get to where Alonzo Mourning is the hall of fame physically pumped up muscles. Just all will. And it failed. The end. And so he gets emotional talking about the ways that that the way players care can inspire even the inspires the art of the conversation. Dan Le Batard, Pat Riley, Sunday five thirty eastern on ESPN really looking forward to watching Dan. Thanks a million. Have a good show today. I'll be listening on my way home while sportscenter tonight after North Carolina Duke was Levy and John Anderson full breakdown of the game reaction from both players and coaches, Rachel sit down with Kyrie and the latest on Bryce Harper..

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