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Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council 30 Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both calling this morning's meeting with administration officials on Corona virus relief Productive Capital Hill. Negotiations stalled. His Democrats want to extend the now expired $600 a week. Unemployment benefit benefit covered a wide swath of the population. In fact, it covered people who normally would not qualify for unemployment. Big workers freelancers this self employed. It provided a safety net for many ABC Theatre Bolton, Florida Bracing is Hurricane DCs approaches? The category one storm expected to come close to the East coast of the state tonight and Florida, breaking its record for New Delhi Covert 19 deaths for the fourth straight day. The CDC now forecasting the virus could claim up to 182,000 US lives by August 22nd. 87 year old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Gator Vince Berg back at home after being treated in the New York City hospital for a non surgical procedure. I'm Dave Packer, ABC News Cuomo News, 1000 FM 97 7 31 Comma New Saturday I'm R. Christopher Top local stories from the Coma 24 7 News Center. We're hearing at least one person dead. Six others taken to the hospital. This was a crash on Interstate five there. Arlington Last night it happened north of the Stillaguamish River. Right before six. Troopers say the driver of a white SUV tried emerge into another lane spotted another vehicles sold in the driver. Overcorrected went off the road, and then the vehicle rolled over. Several times, throwing one person from the SUV common Who's getting working on an update of the conditions of the six people again that were taken to the hospital, the corona virus pandemic entering a new month, meaning Americans struggling amid the economic fallout, once again have to worry about paying their rent. Many who lost jobs months ago already behind on payments, and now that extra $600 weekly unemployment benefits that helped many pay their bills expiring. A federal moratorium on evictions also is lapsing while Congress is bogged down in disagreement over a new round of aid. The first nightly protest in Portland since a deal was struck for federal agents to withdraw from the city was largely peaceful after state troopers took over protecting a federal courthouse, the demonstrations that started Thursday night and stretched into early Friday. We're in sharp contrast. Two weeks of violent clashes between protesters and federal agents sent to Portland by President Donald Trump. State and local officers stepped up their presence is part of the deal forged With Democratic Governor Kate Brown. At the latest protest, hundreds of demonstrators gathered to listen to speeches about a block from the courthouse with little sign of law enforcement present Washing states and battles Psychiatric hospital has seen a spike of more than 20 new covert 19 cases in the last two weeks of being totally 57 workers at Western State Hospital of tested positive for the virus. Since mid July, when that total was 38 officials say two new patients also have the disease, bringing that total to 11. Now. The latest patient who test positive was on the forensic ward. The patient had no symptoms. According to the hospital CEO Dave Hold and in a psychiatric security attendant also was confirmed positive for the virus. The staff person also had no symptoms come on, whose time 9 34.

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