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For when I asked the price, he said he was a gift for a tribe member. Almost feel like family. Though it's not funny, it's beautiful. Almost felt like family after talking three do trading our histories and experiences. This is when the revelation hit me. Actually feel like I. Am part of something great? Well you are. It is our very own media. Tribe are value for value. Network goes a nice note Chris thanks. I never got to honey. You'll get it. I did get some other stuff and I gotta thank the Maple. Syrup go semi note and I lost that to. Out Get it I'll get it. All gets resolved eventually. Cer- Pattern Peres ago as your Patrick Maycom viscount New York. All fifty dollar donors. Silver due to the silver dolphins in severn Maryland, Alexa Delgado and APP does California Hey Susan Allen. In, Austin Texas Jason Heart in Penn Valley California. Jillian Robbins and APP does California last, but not least Sir Jerry. Wing Roth in Saugus California I want to thank. All these folks are making show twelve, fifty, four, possible and also special thanks to our producers who came in with full anonymity under fifty dollars. A lot of those are the subscriptions we really appreciate that always keeps a base, but this has been a very good day. Then really appreciate a as I as we did earlier. Our executive producers associate executive producers whose titles. Titles are there for a reason, but all of you producers. Thank you for putting this together. Thank you for the clips. Thank you for the artwork. Thank you for the ideas. The insight your experience and thank you for your financial value for value. Really appreciate it, and we'll be here for you again to bring you the best podcast in universe on Sunday to support us. Go to Iraq dot org slash. Everybody those jobs Karmazin. Jobs jobs and jobs. That's not occur..

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