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Now there we got it technically exists. Yeah yeah it was. They didn't even announce it. Maybe that again in the next iphone. It'll be it's wild. Do i have now i. I was actually 'cause that's something i haven't actually checked in the last couple of days yet. I haven't tried the reverse charging. And i was looking to see if i had occasion front of me where i couldn't i count y- you can charge your app called Count you think so but actually let me let me check that. Because my dad's a wireless air or yeah wireless air pods charger completely. Not even plugged in that is. That's that's why. I didn't even figure you'd be able to do that but it's something something's talk about like you said i think is the let's though i think for the i think next time apple should have one. That really does just okay like this it. Basically it covers the attendant portion of the back of the iphone to of many. Let's make it so it just comes up. It has just a little bit extra better. That comes up here and it's just a little knob and the rest of the iphone round the round the camera house. Yeah could make that way that way. We once the the many phones are gone. We can remember them forever by the yet by the battery. Pack breath so low memorial man. All right let's move on because we've got some it's you know it's the summer rumor season truly because we have some more reports this week about what we're gonna this fall probably see this fall. Actually you know what seeing out in our in our show notes that actual thing. That definitely happened that i wanna talk about a little bit. I is say. Ted lonzo ted lasso when all cast and i want to watch the show notes. We've got to talk about ten right. Yeah no we're going to. We're going to push the rumors back just very slightly in. We're going to talk a little. Bit about ted lasso. Because season two premiere was well for me. It was this morning out thirty minutes ago literally finished it right before the show. It's good. it's so good. I miss this show One of the things that. I'm learning from the internet though from twitter is that a lot of people were not paying attention to how apple releases its shows relate with. People surprised only one episode lot of complaints that it wasn't a binge to which i say. Ha i i am. We knew that we knew that us. We thought we knew that. Apparently less time i think there was three episodes. I yeah but also one of the things that you probably that you've got to remember. Is that a lot of people. Probably got into the show after it was. Yeah exactly like descent. Like november december. People get used to benching and they want bench. The and i'm not going to say that they're wrong for wanting that but i'm also not going to say for wanting you're wrong when i grew up with you had to watch tv when it was on and if you missed it you missed it to even. I'm old enough to remember those days. He had three channels all. Tv's were like twelve inches. Was that a little set a little after your time. Bigger than than twelve inch. Tv's but but i. i had cable. And i it depends on what part of my childhood because part of my childhood was spent overseas. When i had zero or one channel's yeah a large my childhood so i hadn't even less than most an. I grew up the same way that you had. I mean i think we've probably had a lot more channels in my childhood but still you had to tape things if you wanted to watch things again immediately yet to tape them. Vcr i didn't have a vcr. I don't remember having vcr. Maybe maybe my senior but definitely not not before that but yeah. It's just so interesting so many people we've gotten used to the bench model and what is fascinating to me of. All the big players will include apple. Tv plus as a big player for the purposes of this discussion at least but net of all the big players net flicks is really the one. That's hanging onto benching yeah Because hulu releases who who generally does the thing where they release like three episodes and then the rest of them are weekly Like a little bit. I do like a little mini binge. So if we had like episode one and two today for ted lhasa. That wouldn't have been bad. But i like the i mean there's definitely something to be said for spreading out. It certainly depends on the show like the tick loss. For example a loss was i call lost the last show before binging lost was my life for seven years like you understand. I lifted. I would watch an episode. I would immediately go online and there was like this chat room that i love. It was called television without pity. Thinks existing are you there. I would be on there for hours after the show discussing every nuance of the episode. And like all week. I would be checking back in the chat room and seeing like if anybody could come up with new theories and i mean it was it like i. I feel like. I've really lived in that place for seven years and now people life. The most people won't even try to budget if they missed it. They're like oh it's too many episodes forget it. I'm never watched that. And if they do try a lot of them can't get through it they're like it's just too much and a lot of some people that did get through are just like it was okay like the us. You didn't do it right. you didn't do it. You didn't have so you didn't have the the the season three. Hell avis where it was the first six episodes and then six months until episode seven. And i swear. There was over a year between seasons outset. Set some between season five and six. I think between the the second last and last season there was there was a big app. It was like just the sweets torture or the screaming get serenely white and then for the first time ever we had a dark loss title and then we waited over a year for it to get your right. Game of thrones with closest to that experience. I've had since then was definitely game of thrones because they parcel out the episodes the differences that people a lot of people did not watch game of thrones at real time. So you still couldn't talk about it because there was always somebody in the crowd that hadn't seen that episode yet and you didn't want to spoil. It has to be careful spoiler when it was lost. Like i don't even remember what time it Everybody watched it when it was live on. Tv everybody worrying about spoilers. You're right now. There are so many shows you can benched like we can have a couple of and i like the you know. Fridays ted loss. O'day i wonder what's gonna happen next week as the anticipation and the build up and stuff and and yet joe like you said the first season it came went. Now you can binge it if you really don't wanna wait around. Just wait until it's all ten episodes the season again. I think i think it's still think it's ten episodes. Wait ten weeks and but like from a business standpoint like it. It's it's clearly you guys saw today. Apple like the apple online store was just exclusively lasso. There wasn't a single apple products on the pages just blue kind of makes a comeback ted lassos face streaming here like for apple to like to to cover up. Its website like that. Like they know that they're onto a winner and it's far and away like the most popular show the channel on on the i. I felt like when apple. Tv plus was first introduced in the morning. Show is supposed to be like the big flagship series on religion. Hong kong And yeah and they have all these big budget shows and then tomaso just snuck in. I don't think apple expected that to be their big hit and it just caught on fire them commercials for nbc sports. No i don't think anyone would have a crazy idea. But now they know they're they're milking it for all. It's worth and good for them. Actually i just think ted loss was just the right show at the right time People i it was just it came out like towards the end of the pandemic Feel good when we feel..

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