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They're gonna see how the contusion swells. They say it is not an ankle injury. And that he will be fine. That is that is the word from head coach Mike Hamlin. How do you feel about that Brooks? Sounds great. I really I I take this moment to say this. I do have Jalen Samuels. Also. Of course, you do you listen to the show. I want to just wish you incredible luck in the fantasy playoffs. I hope that everything goes your way, I'll be of great. I hope you just win. Don't. Oh. Yeah. I hope you Wayne Brooks is that's an sear. No, no. No, no. You you you crash and burn. The wide receivers. Let's talk about Dante Pettis five nine into. Yeah. We'll we'll be talking about him. Oh, you want to toss the discussion. Well, we we can talk about them now and later Mike, you brought up the fact that maybe he was good play this last week, Andy, and I weren't on board at that time Goodwin appeared to be starting. If Goodwin continues to miss for this person reason Garcia is Garson is gone. He's just he's long past loud. Yeah. That was a good one, man. Thank you. Pettus is just a really talented player a big fan of him early. You know before the year, he's one of my favorite rookie wide receivers this season. If Pettus has the opportunity as the number one wide receiver with good when Garcia out of the way. Then I think you you can keep looking his way. Now, it was going to say his match-ups coming up or rough. This was a rough matchup as well against Seattle. But well, Denver. Oh well on defense. Denver just lost their best Chris junior. Yes. But he's Chris Harris is their slow corner. But Dante Pettis we'll have to play Denver Seattle again. And then Chicago, I'm not excited. I'm not look you can talk you on Denver's secondary. But they're their pass Russia's going to at home be a problem for Nick Mullins. Yes, it doesn't mean you don't pick them up. Doesn't mean you can't start them as a flex, but I would temporary speculations because it was really there's a couple of big plays for him one really big play. But he's a very talented player that can't be lost. And it was a good game for Molin. So I don't I don't mind chasing it. I just want people to have a fair expectation. I'm very excited about Denver's defense over the next few weeks say Jones, Ron Brown. Devante adams. Okay. We know we're playing devante. I don't you're drawn Browns as Jones you're not chasing those guys. No, I'm not going to chase did have a couple of sorts of the week. And they both scored a touchdown. Godwin, Adam Humphreys when DJ is out Kris God when is averaging a hundred yards receiving when d- is out Chris gone when it becomes a top level play. How'd you feel about Jarvis Landry six for one? Oh three this week. It was it was nice to see him get back on track. Honestly, the the target share was there. The target share hasn't necessarily meant tone of production lately. But this week, it's if finally turned around, you know, how sometimes a stock gets really really high price and sometimes they split the stock. Is that a viable thing you can do with the tide imposition? Can we split Travis? Kelsey I've been to like three or four tight ends. I get share number one. Yeah. Like, I never to just into quarters. I it makes sense. You get Kelsey first quarter second quarter. I'll I'll go ahead and buy them off tonight wire I think you're onto something absolutely start Travis Kelsey first quarter over most tight ends and Travis Kelsey twelve for one sixty eight and two almost at a third one. It wasn't for replay almost at a fourth one. If it wasn't for a tip ball. I mean. It's only going to get better. If Sammy Watkins stays off the field and cream hunted out, obviously and the primary beneficiary besides of course, Spencer where for Kareem hunt being off the team was Travis Kelsey this week. But next week he gets who cares. Who cares?.

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