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Job. Openings sitter minnesota. I think he's given us some james dean but in well you will be glad to know. He's one of the few people in this movie. Who like have he's got like a somewhat legitimate career. He's been in some things. Some real knows what he's doing is just as a note which is like she's got daddy. He's all he's not not sad he's kinda more like that he's that troubled kid is going down the wrong path and his mother wants enlist the help of simon conjurer in opening scene where she visits him in his classroom where i i don't know if he was if he's supposed to be the teacher or he's just like he showed up for like a presentation for these children because he he goes to this whole thing. If you know you could close your eyes you can feel like you have the sensation of flying when you're not actually into just wandered into something. It's so weird. But yeah the dean. It confirms that he is a teacher but he also he has this like night self. Help course so okay. So he sees tasked to get rebel. Any picks them up in his giant like black h. Two hummer and which is adorned with about with no less than half a dozen tv screens. That are all playing his sermon on the back of the seat that yeah then he goes to the like the night class. Were the other trouble people are. They've been patiently waiting to get this underway. Then we spend like the next forty five minutes meeting everyone and then going through their past and they are all they're all handed elector bound thome which as they start to read is built just starts acting out the plot with them and then they follow that along and that becomes their guide for the rest of the film is them reading as they're walking through the city and getting in all kinds of adventures together as they as each as one by one at each location. They like. Each one has a realization as to why they are the way they are and they're instantly your ailments. It really kicks ass like they all have the same route to their problems. This just like parental issues. Like my mom block being closets. So now all i do is eat chocolate. My dad was a dick. So now. I'm a pill had every single one is basically the same. And there's another guy who's like there's so many people in this there's like fourteen characters. There's at least three. The don't actually have a problem. But one of them's like he's really handsome but he isn't sorry smokes. He smokes smokes but he has like imaging. His grant knows uncle told him that he's just going to be ugly. His whole life and his uncle was a chain smoker. He would just every time we walked by. Go ugly you're ugly and perhaps the funniest seed ever show kill. Ski was su latin. That's only yeah and it's amazing to because there's so much movie that's completely detached from reality. Announced drove me nuts. Because it's like the smoking thing and then the self image thing are just kind of intertwined but then also he's like. I was a supermodel all over the world. That's all i did was just told me i was beautiful all the time but deep down i still hated myself. And i'm thinking. I don't know you're like a fucking six out of ten dude like this. Let's listen you know. You gotta keep your real hair coward. International baby is is literally one nipple and no one knew like you know very very. We're all of them. Have specific mark on their body like all reading the book reveals details all end up like they literally ask you one girls. You're already seniormost. Studies show everyone. I just feel that's one hundred percent and then the whole thing is just like oh she's schizophrenic and so she doesn't have anything on her but she just thinks she does so. I just showed you a bud for no reason and then like the fat sandwich order swath and then the horny kids like oh five of them. And it's just. It's really weird off states deeply uncomfortable that whole sequences pretty remarkable because you know normally like film shorthand for this process would be to maybe though through one or two characters especial trait sees. It appears in the book you know the audience understands we move a lot. Not not stewart fall. He goes through every last one of these fucking endless parade of idiot characters and they all every single one of them go through with student. Every single seat fred. So the comparison. I drew to this off. Mike was i said oh this is just. This is the holy mountain. There's troubled guy comes to this prophet or whomever he might be and he says i can literally turn your shit into gold and then the holy mountain does this where he collects like ten other people to go on this journey and then each person gets like an eight minutes sequence where we introduce them in their backstory and who they are then they all come together in their shaved their heads and then they like walk to the mountains together and then each one gets their moment of revelation. And that's that's what. This movie is just not as arguing. Essentially essentially do matching euro skis. Like an injury. You claims you while. I we read some notes much higher. Read freud to maybe.

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