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The voice of Roger. Speaking to you through the Mars. Microphone Super Cam. And so we've completed that testing and we're ready to send this instrument off to Jet Propulsion Laboratory to get bolted onto the reverend. This launch will take place in late July of two thousand twenty. It then takes about nine months to get to Mars so we're heading for a landing on February eighteen. Twenty twenty one fits Roger. Wiens the Super Cam. Principal investigator with the Los Alamos National Laboratory and this is space time still the come believe in. Ufo's and alien abductions at falling because people more important things these days to worry about and later in the science report growing concerns that the covered nineteen virus can be spread simply through breathing and talking all that moss to the come on space time. Okay let's take a break from our show for word from our sponsor express. Vpn rated number one by Tick Raider may be wondering why you need a virtual private network. Well it's in the name. It's all about privacy. Do you really want big brother? Take companies hackers governments. And who knows who else. Knew Ping in on your mind activities now you might not have anything to hide but it's still really creepy and it could be dangerous for you and those you care about. Also how often do you run across a website and you want to get information from it but you find out that the GEO blocked?.

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