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They want to know why they're here and not at movie right now, they want to know what it is that makes special what it is about our three thousand year history and Judaism in two thousand year history. And Christianity that makes it worthwhile up your Sunday morning when you could be out playing video games. Do you think that the churches are doing a good enough job of leaving behind that sort of soft approach because I just I think too many of them are falling into this attempt to fill the pews. In short order without actually getting to the root of the matter. Yeah, I agree. And it worries me that you for example. A pastor preacher has got to be willing to talk about sin in the poll from the pulpit if he's afraid to turn people off then he's doing a disservice. Now, I don't think I don't want pastors to inject politics overtly. I want them to advocate values that are consistent with with the bible, and that may be consistent with conservative political values, but not do it in a political or partisan way. And I don't mean to do it furtively. I just mean, preach the bible and preach Christian values. But some of them are afraid, and they stay away from these issues. I visited one church where the pastor said right after Trump won. We're gonna pray for the people who here who weren't in favor of Trump. And I was so turned off by that. Because one about did they ever say that about Obama. And I here's the thing. I don't want pastors to be political conservatives or political liberals, I want them to leave leave all of that out and just preach the gospel, preach the bible, but some of them are afraid to do that. And even if they do get people in the door. I think ultimately they're not going to keep them in the way that they want to keep them because they're not going to fill them with what they need. So I think we agree on problem. Number one problem. Number two is something you mentioned a little bit earlier, which is a feeling that you get from a lot of people who don't have a lot of familiar with church, or maybe they do it the wrong churches, when they're when they're young this feeling of incipient theocracy, the, you know, the folksy thing Mike Pence is going to reinstitute the Handmaid's tale because he's a religious person, and they think back to their used when they had a priest or a pastor or rabbi who used to feel very oppressive. I think it's important for religious communities two points. Look, we're here to help guide you and provide you the social fabric. So that you can do. Thing. But we're not interested in grabbing the reins of government, then cramming down our version of life on you other than protecting life liberty and property. That's exactly right while you can look at the world history and say, well, they did that there was we we did dabble a lot and the accuracy and intermixing church-state in that sense. But I think our framers were very clear they wanted to prohibit the establishment of a national church, and the reason they wanted to do that is because they knew that if you have one church that's mandated, then you don't have religious liberty. They wanted religious liberty for everyone, and you can argue about whether it's openly about Christians and all the nominations, being whatever. But I don't care the print the spirit of it is the same. I don't as a Christian. I don't want to muzzle. Anyone? I want the freedom of religion and speech and association to be robust. And that's one thing. I one tail telltale sign of the difference between libs and conservatives. Liberals are sensors. Liberal suppress liberty. Liberty liberals are intolerant. Conservatives and Christians are tolerant. We have nothing to fear for the marketplace of ideas, we just don't want people to keep us from saying what we want to say. So we're seeing now in the social media, but I'm on record on this. I'm against the accuracy of firm. It's the worst thing you could ever do that..

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