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Zip in the third period. Devils in Saint Louis blues are tied at two in the third w our Weather Channel forecast looks like we're pretty mild as we go through this weekend in a sweep of cool air time to start April Monday. Mostly cloudy tonight. Lows around fifty cloudy, but dry Saturday, a high of sixty three a chance of light rain early Sunday than drying out for the afternoon. Highs in the low sixties, I'm meteorologist Mark sibito. From the Weather Channel on seven ten w our next news at eleven o'clock. Breaking news at one start today with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning. Six to ten on Monday. I naming current on seven ten W O R N NBC News Radio station. Hey, it's Mark Simone. Join me Monday, ten AM until noon. Seven ten w o r. The best. Sean Hannity is on now. Uncommon. Though in the past or a significant evidence of collusion. How do you square that with Robert malicious in not to indict anyone, and there is significant evidence of collusion? So this indicates the president on on collusion. This is a nearly two year swirled around the president since day one of his presidency, and he has just been. I just want to tell you that America is the greatest place on earth. The greatest place sorta thank you very much. Is. Welcome to the revolution. Taye? Sean. Information on news and more bold inspired solutions for America. All right hour, two Sean Hannity show, the vice president of the United States. Mike Pence's coming up. George popadopoulos is stopping by. I you know, I was reading his book last night. Wow. Just one person small player, and you talk about having your life turned upside down, including twelve days in jail, which would by the way, a miracle at one point. He says, you know, what I'm not taking this. I'm gonna I'm gonna not go the twelve days. I might know go take your twelve days. I said it may be to five years by the end of this. And I'm no lawyer. But I do have one of the greatest lawyers that I know Jay seculow is with us. He is the chief counsel at the American Center for law and Justice is the counsel to the president. He has I know from personal knowledge we've been friends a long time. I don't think he has slept more than three or four hours a day. Is this entire thing has gone on? And I know that you'll never get the credit you and your.

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