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C. J. so what do you see people eating hung the train with considerable bags of chips and things like that right yeah at the party had attempted bottles of water yeah always good the board game can be found where work we find this board so it's available at transit tease dot com we are taking pre orders now pre orders to ship they start shipping on December second so the game is doing very well we're made it through now we're in our second production run will be having a third one in December so the best way right now is to reserve one online they're also available at two locations we have a store flagship store worker park and then we also have another store in Andersonville when you build a business model around utility or you know in this case the C. T. A. and and what people know about it what are some of the pitfalls we're not done with the pitfalls challenges because are you specifically going for a customer that knows it that lives it that dad rides it or is a little bit constrictive because you that's people who don't know don't care I think there was definitely balancing the perks with the pitfalls so that was where we spent a lot of time and want to make it fun and have exhilarating moments ups and downs but I do like how you do feel like you're gonna win every time you're going to beat everybody back to the loop there's something great about the system I mean anyone who rides a system and knows the system knows that Chicago is one a better system because a centrally located meaning it all spread from one place out if you're in New York City or LA that's the case LA's system is one stretch down that that's about it and the same with New York it's all over the place me a lot harder to a board game in the New York City public transit system than say the city yet yeah in fact when we were playtesting one of the games we were researching is what's called the London game then it's about the London Underground system and it is the like a much more complicated since then Chicago has and it made for a very disjointed game right a lot of Paddington hills bands like anything lanes the bus lines really helped us to use navigator cross terrain right and we have a token system so to get on the bus use a token and then to get off the bus on the train use another token so there's some strategies about collecting your tokens and using them to use create shortcuts throughout the game I love it the game can be found online you can find more information about it at transit tease dot com in studio with me tonight Tom the plants and time and Tim Gilling garden and this is of course transit tease which a great company in Chicago and continued to great work the flagship stores in wicker park right thanks for coming in thanks for talking about the game good luck with it and I think it's great and a great addition to a Chicago board came so thanks for coming in thank you.

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