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To would you abolish it for everyone? I think for me the word. Abolish doesn't sound like something you would just do in your own person, hood. Right. Sounds definitely it sounds official it definitely sounds official. And not only that, when they asked her to clarify her stands. She at the inset probably probably doesn't sound that. Sure. And not only that the Washington. Post sent out a survey about healthcare for all. And she did not reply to the request, and then on CNN she had a different stance. And so really, I think what it boils down that we have that CNN. We have a little bit of that, because exactly what you're pointing to is that there have been other moments where Carla Harris has had to clarify her stance on Medicare for all and specifically the aspect of private insurance. Here is a conversation that happened on CNN townhall that she later had to clarify watch. I believe it will totally eliminate private insurance. So for people out there who like their insurance, they don't get to keep it. Well, listen, the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care. And you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require who of us have has not had that situation where you got to wait for a provable. And the doctor says, well, I don't know if your your insurance company's gonna cover this, let's eliminate all of that. Let's move on. So you saw the question there was will people who like their private insurance be able to keep it in the indoor answer was, let's get rid of all of that. Let's move on as far as issues, one may have with their private insurance. That's at least how it was interpreted from a lot of people, therefore the next day. She went back on CNN to clarify. We were together, and you'll remember enroll the tape. That will you support the Bernie Sanders Bill, which essentially getting care for out. But I really do need to clear up on that stage in the context of saying, let's get rid of all the bureaucracy. Let's get all of the way the insurance company. But that's not what I meant. I know it was interpreted. That way, if you watch the tape I think you'll see that they're obviously many interpretations of what I said, what I meant is. Let's get rid of the bureaucracy as a really. No, no, no. It does not get rid of insurance. And as you mentioned, the Washington Post essentially kind of broke down the question that was asked in the debate a little bit more. So saying, will you essentially get rid of private insurance in order to have Medicare for all? I just saw her name her. I just saw her digging their heart trick bag of courtroom antics, like, honestly, I saw what do you think? It's, it's I guess, I don't know threat term is this legalese you go to a one word. We'll change them. It's and it works to degree because the Bala Shlein also meant something different to me when I hear a bollocks your healthcare plan. It means not my personal and abolished my plan for the country. Right. It's like, well, you know, I would abolish mine, but you said mine some thinking my own, but abolished sounds it depends on how it is. So she also makes sure not to say also from may when she's clarifying from January to make sure to say, well, not that anything was wrong. It was just misinterpreted or set incorrectly. Or what I meant I understand, you could miss here's all these things have not like you're wrong. I was right. This is what I meant. You didn't get it. So it still works. I'm I'm reading this deep into it, but I'm still going, okay. I'll give it that much. You able to give her at least fifty percent passed though. Here's the deal. Why are they coming for communist so hard? That's a rhetorical question. Because the truth is that not too many of the candidates really. Understand what that would entail what the plan would entail. It hasn't thoroughly been fleshed out enough in. So if you were to ask every single candidate on that stage Biden, Bernie, even the one who proposed it, none of them would really have the answers that were that. Well nuance..

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