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Cage normally anthony kaleida is on vacation this week hope he's enjoying the fun in the sun or wherever he might be kyri williams's filling in my name is arta ocal and brett's little bit of a break with the ufc we do have a bella tour event this weekend you even took a break from made this weekend you covered something completely different are you happy to be back in the bubble yeah it wasn't it wasn't a long deviation from anime was just pretty quick but i was over at that a new e sports arena on the strip arte this is this is kind of your wheelhouse actually right i big fan yeah we we've been in your wheelhouse quite a quite a bit lately with with vegas because we got the hockey team which you are an expert on and now we've got the east sports arena so maybe you and i need to switch places i'll i'll i'll move out to new york and you come out to vegas man because it seems like all of your levels of expertise areas of expertise are coming to to my backyard are you dressed in golden knights attire head to toe yet i got a few things of course you do before we get to our headlines i wanna give a shot out to a former one of our previous guests and you can always find our episodes in the archives joseph ben evita's i think he had the joke of the week on social media brett joe rogan posted a picture on his instagram where he said here's some new art that i'm putting in my podcast studio it was just basically a conor mcgregor inspired art piece and joseph beat pen evita's commented with the dalai lama yeah that sounds like joe joe is joe's good on on the.

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