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Well, and you know, as we've seen the the beats of become a kind of dominant part of electronic music, these days be silly to do an entire electric music. Yes, ignore that's actually, very important part of it. That's the musical portion of things Eric Jocelyn to create you know, you knew this was going to be an important moment in the opera. So is this a kind of weaving together of all of his past president of quasi futurist thought. Yes. I mean Bruno was. He was used defender of of Copernicus for which she he paid the price. He but be in further than kapernick kapernick is believed that there was the son was the center of the solar system. Bruno believed that there was no center to the universe at all. And there were infinite and habit planets and really remarkable thing for someone in sixteenth century Italy to think, yeah, it's also several of his ideas about opposite sorta the prefigured quantum theory by three hundred and fifty years. I mean, while he wasn't really great scientist. And he wasn't really, you know, a mathematician that he dabbled in these things he was really a forward thinking cosmetologist, and sort of philosopher who really envisioned the future. I must also say very briefly that I have all I have all the sound composed before a couple of Reggio. Then we stuck the characters in. If exactly what happened with like sort of like did the melody now, it's the words. Very.

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