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So so you're right there. He was supposed actually at least 2 to be enfranchising women got the gold standard completely wrong. So you can draw up a long list of severe indictment against his against his musical time. He was of course in the House of Commons for nearly two-thirds of a century in Provo front all of the Grateful Dead. This issue so I don't think anybody could expect him to get everything right but he did get a fair lot of things wrong, but the really important things the 20th century wage rise of the German Empire before the first world war the rise, of course is Hitler and the Nazis after the first world war and before the second world war and then the rise of subject has lost the separable. He was the first person to get these things. Right and he got them right years before those people and he was for many years the only person who got the right and so I think that's the the sort of advantages of the sort Victories of Winston Churchill far outweigh the very serious discipline. Yeah, that's interesting. So do you believe that people who do not like Churchill use these flaws as a justification for doing so or do you think that they have a general just distaste for him or they just wage? Want to not like him. Well, it breaks down the church revisionism breaks down into an awful lot of different groups. You do have of course the fascists and Communists who had not because of what he said and because he was the most prominent anti-fascist and anti-communist of his day. So they're bound to 8 and and he would hang welcome their hatred of printing else, you know, that's just part of that's part of politics and there are some people who are just frankly perverse who if they see somebody is tremendously popular and and beloved they want to try and knock him down simply in order to draw attention to themselves. And you do get quite a few historians who are like that and they do it just adds a sense of wanting to be different and wanting to be perverse and you have people who just unwilling to accept his greatness because of birth Of the floors and that they are so basically the feet of clay are more important than the pedestal and in that I think often some type of she often goes back to a an inability to see the word for the trees, you know, and it's a shame sometimes. I think that that when I get letters about really obscure parts of churches life that they therefore think that more important than standing up against Adolf Hitler and destroying the evil man who ever existed in human history. So I think you have to get everything into the states of being in Astoria and not everybody does. Yeah, especially we see today how the same name is Statue of parliament Square was spray-painted with the words was a racist just quite a claim. It seems more and people in our generation believe Churchill to have been involved. Gassing Arabs and murdering three million Bangles in India, which are some wild claims even interests actions. That's right. And when you when look at each of of course, I carefully in each of these games you realize what complete and utter rubbish they are when you go to the original sources, which I've done and look at this place. He gassed arrows actually would be were to use lachrymose free gas which means tear gas which is used in I live in cities all over Europe and I think more and in America as well with it's not it's not phosgene gas. It's not mustard gas. It's not a gas that kills you. It's gas that makes your your eyes water so much that you can log on Artic with regard to the three million bengalis. Look that was a terrible family, but the fact was that the way in which we fed the Bengals Historically used by getting rice from Malaysia and Thailand and Burma and elsewhere which were all under job Japanese Occupation in late 1942 and early nineteen forty three p in the family took made Family took place because of gigantic cyclo which hit Bengal and which destroyed the roads and the rail links and wage stopped the the rice from being brought in but Churchill got on to President Roosevelt to the Prime Minister of Australia and Canada and so on Thursday and did manage to get hundreds of thousands tons of food brought into Bengal, but just not enough because they were Japanese submarines in the Bay of Bengal and page for him to therefore. We called a Genesis Idol Maniac, which was one thing that he's been recently accused of his completely enough to be wrong. You can see that when you look at the Dead Original sources and go back just very sort of soberly to look at the ends. So calling him genocide Maniac is quite the claim and considering he stopped probably the worst genocide Maniac in history. Where are these claims coming from all over the place. Usually the the internet Twitter which my friend Neil Ferguson has called the universal lavatory warm thing is like very good summation when this is going to be a magnificent moment for World Peace, everybody in the world was going to be able have a gigantic Global conversation with them going to you know, love each other than by our Etc what actually has happened. Of course, is that the first lowest and most vicious and the old temples of people have been given a platform. It's part with things that are completely, you know, disprovable through the evidence and but unfortunately conspiracy Thursday, Is can rush around the world and the same time that it takes the truth to get his trousers, you know, so what do you think the motives are behind this attack these these all attacks. Do you think there's anything you can do to stop them or is it just yeah, what you can do is of course, it's like mine you sorry for the gross vs. But it needs to page whatever it is six hundred and something of Turtle Walking With Destiny. You can see the facts about.

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