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Seattle. Right now it's 46 Come on news time. 607 Last year's NFL season played in empty stadiums taught one Seattle Seahawk, a few things about gratitude and about being a professional. We learned more from his story, and here's Cuomo's Corwin Hate. The National Football League has already announced this fall of plans to again play with fans in the stands. Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett tells me he never griped about last year's unusual conditions. Sometimes we don't really realize how good God it until we don't have it anymore. And we almost didn't even have a football season. He says. The empty stadiums helped define the differences in how certain players get motivated. You had none of that stuff that was gonna get your adrenaline pumping or anything like that. Could you still be able to perform at the highest level? And I think that's what everybody got to see is without any fans. Players still are performing at the highest level. Some people perform even better without fans, reflecting on the pandemic has led locket to join a program sponsored by micro band Most Valuable Protectors, workers who kept essential businesses covert safe lock. It is honoring a Seattle area Safeway employees Wayne Fisher or being able to protect us in every customer that comes in Because cleaning and sanitizing is important, and sometimes we forget about that until we're putting a pandemic where everybody has to quarantine. Tyler congratulated Wayne via Zoom and is treating him to a Seahawks game this fall at a presumably packed Blumenfield. Corwin Hate Co Moh news and more covert vaccination sites are offering incentives as a way to encourage people to get the shots from gift cards to discounts on food more from Kemal's Steve McCarron's. It wasn't the free gift card that drew Bob Geren to this vaccination set in Auburn, but he could definitely understand how 10 bucks to David Busters could sweeten the deal. Americans respond to incentives. Morning. More sites are offering them is vaccination rates start to slow. It's getting in the way of not having had the vaccine sweet alchemy, one of two businesses giving a discount to those who roll up their sleeves and a mobile clinic in Seattle's You district vaccination. I feel like a stone the answers to try to get us back to normal. Um, I'm all for it. Let's see. It says Expect the trend to continue. The idea is I didn't twofold. One is It might be that motivation for someone to get back. So he did, coupled with It's good business, but some are not too enthusiastic about the practice. Leo Morales tells me incentives may not be effective in changing people's minds. If they're set against getting vaccinated. Another is they may backfire. So, um, you know, he if you offer incentives to get vaccinated people who are hesitant, maybe suspicious like, why are they paying me to do something? That's good for me anyway, Morales says communication and messaging or key and reaching more people. The Asia Pacific Cultural Center into coma started offering $25 gift cards to Fred Meyer is a way to get more people to its clinics. Center's executive director tells me it is too soon to know if they'll actually work. We have a little money to do it, and so we way started to do it. So why not if it works, and maybe other organizations going through the same thing? Come on here to members of Rose City and TIFA, who admit engaging in damaging and destruction in Portland over the year last year, sat down with a B C's Nightline this week to defend their tactics get more live from Kemal's Carleen Johnson. Well, their faces are not shown, and they don't give their names nor admit to recent threats against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, but they defend the year of violence and destruction downtown. One of the reasons that people will break windows is a lot of times like symbolic of the way that the city will protect. He went on to say the way they will protect wealthy business owners but not protect people. Now, of course, they get much of the blame for the last year of chaos, property damage violence. For these anti racism, anti fastest fascist, far less organizer's in the business owners downtown who suffered all this are increasingly fed up. So his mayor Wheeler, who recently asked residents to take back their city. Be the eyes and ears of the Portland police. In response, though, Antifa released a chilling video last week, basically threatening Wheeler giving his home address. But now the FBI is investigating. Carleen Johnson. Come on news. Come on, Whose time 6 11 and let's get to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Here's Tom Hustler. He's one of the top prospects in baseball, and he showed wine is very first game of the Triple A level. Jared kill. Nick cracked a pair of solo homers for the two couple radios. Last night, a Genie stadium. Another top Mariner prospect capture. Cal. Rollie also had a homer in extra innings with the Rangers lost El Paso 76 in 12 the first game there. Since September 2nd of 2019 a limited crowd of 2851 on hand college basketball to Suggs, Suggs throws it to nab our hard up high for Kiss Bird who hammers home the alley You animal looks pushed the lead to four Corey Casper. The shoreline, aided by of King's High School, named to the college sports information Directors of America All America academic team this week is finishing up a master's degree and The 3.79 G p A. The Washington men's soccer team on to the elite eight and the NC, double the tournament after beating Missouri State yesterday. Sports attended 40 past each hour. Tom Butler Come on, come on His time now is 6 12. Seattle City Council members and homeless outreach providers are now questioning the mayor's strategy on clearing out homeless camps. Five camps in city parks have been cleared since December. Then we get more from Kemal's met mark of its city crews clear what was left of a homeless camp that had existed for more than a year at Albert Davis Park, the city, citing safety concerns. Shooting a recent propane tank explosion and fire, But it wasn't the city's hope team that made that decision. The hope team replaced the navigation team that used to order cleanups. It was the parks Department. Over the last four months, five camps in city parks have been cleared. The city Council members and homeless outreach providers say they want to know who's making that decision. What's the criteria? We want to know? How are those sites being prioritized? What is their model for selecting them? What and what are the criteria that they're using? In a virtual council meeting where no one turned their cameras on During the discussion? Those questions were asked of the mayor's point person. On homelessness. She said she didn't know but the actual discernment process I can't. I truly don't know It isn't that I can't answer it is that I truly do not know, she said. Individual departments like the Parks Department are making up their own criteria. We also ask the mayor's office. What is the criteria for these recent camp removals? In our city department. Deciding which camps to remove. The mayor's office has yet to get back to US. And council members were upset that the Seattle Public Utilities Department was given $100,000.6 months ago to install some form of ST Sync for people to wash their hands. But still there's nothing to show for it. The speed at which we need to get these sinks stood up cannot be under scored. Brother. The city has kept water faucets turned off because they can't meet the CDC guidelines to keep the faucets sanitized during a pandemic. Now there's a shit. Gillis outbreak among the homeless camps and washing, say County health advisors. Could help prevent some of that in Seattle. Met market which Cuomo news come all these times, 6 14. We checked.

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