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It goes back even grows the mullahs to the nineties. Long flowing supervisor So any other thoughts on this. Or i mean kind of covered half of it lasts the first tissue talk makoto. This is your desert island book. What did you think third say Go listen to raise podcasts. i dunno the the the the kind of perfil characters don't really advertise to do but at thought it was like the cyborg going into steals armor thing reminded me vermicelli ready crew. You're somewhere popping out of the water bed. Yeah dude is evil. And i didn't. I was familiar with the the whole astronaut story lying. What the guy's name was everything but really holding garage you know this kind of crystallized something for me. Rereading it relented. And was this. Entire run of his in Really underpowered will. The mongols just mongol green lantern ring is gonna eat his lunch matter if he's yellow or not like for some reason i think they felt like they had the like toned down the power levels after crisis because like even superman wasn't juggling plants after christ. Yes when wally west became in his flat he had the workup. I mean i think they became flash. His top speed was like the speed of sound or somethin'. At this point with weight on the flash slowly but steadily powering up making much much faster young And all that stuff. So yeah. I mean we're not at the grant morrison power levels of the ring. Yes we're not even close actually so now. It's it's one of those things that stood out. You look at what was happening in the latest green man series and you know the grant morrison series about what what somebody can do the ring and remember kids will remember last time with wilson. I talked to mark weighed. Probably said before but remember. He said that man is the character. The fictional character who's had those stories written about him in human history. I love that man. I knew it. Okay right we know. We know that more stories written about him than any other character. Ever load of mate superman's back from the dead. All right decision time. Where do we go. Next green lantern. Forty-seven or superman eighty-three Three so we can end with a little more green lantern since that's the the star of the podcast subject matter and logic thinking knife. We're totally agree with that. Excellent the face. You're just saying that because he read it in that order like your genius because you have got three with me boy. What an ego. May i read. I read it in the order that read it. But but i figured martin swell was give with the ego. Maniac are not any theory. Ever thank you star. Blast doing somewhere. Nice oh hey but guess. Let's go to superman eighty-three not only this. How jordan appear guy gardner. That's i kinda sassy isn't he. That's right man. Says superman eighty three november nineteen ninety three again writer pence pencil. Dan jergens encourage a rubinstein. Colorist bob larose. Lederer joke has john. Costanza editors mike. Carlin and frank patrice Title on the edge award okay. This opening scene cannot get more nineties in this. Imagine mullet superman flies in and in gotham city. Superman awaits for batman to arrive so they can go clean up. The remains of engine city. Batman simply blows off superman authors. Even say who batman is. Yeah 'cause jean paul valley. It's azriel headcovering. Because superman tak-man does does that weight. That boys should x ray vision thing. So yeah mullet. Superman talking to as at-bats. Oh my god. Can you get more nineties that heat ninety s that is so peak nineties. Batman blows off. Superman team luthor is also on. Its way to engine city to observe. It's alien technology. Actually luther just wants to figure out where to find or how to make krypton any kind of information in the engines computer in metropolis. Lois and jimmy. You're talking about morgan edges scandalous new book. While vincent edge. His father gives cat granny lecture on morality for her actions when it came to his son. Superman flies out west along. The way gives a bouquet of flowers. His mother who is giving jonathan electron good dieting. Yes because his father had a heart attack when he after he died. Luther arrives at engine city only to see that the justice league is already beat him there. Luther states has reason for saving engine city for technology and because its properties could be toxic to the ocean life. but how jordan doesn't want to hear it. Hawk roman arrives increase. He doesn't want one dumped in the ocean while heroes argue luther slipped inside the city suddenly parts of the dead city. Start to explode superman with an x ray. Vision sees a handful remaining war. War war worlders blowing apart. What's left of the city making folic a house of cards on able to keep it from falling in the ocean. The ring bear the ring. Bearing heroes detoxify the parts of the city. Oh yeah that's right. Because it's how jordan garner an alan scott and we get jade nj stay tuned. We'll get some jade here Probably in about a year while the others get the remaining aliens out. Luther is still inside almost in possession of a formula for kryptonite when supergirl takes them out of the crumbling city before they leave. Superman building memorial spire as a reminder for the heroes of the tragedy of couse city. And the next morning metropolis. Clark asked jimmy if the offer is ruben jimmy. Thrilled to have. Clark has his roommate that he crank some van. Halen.

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