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The following three just go to hellofresh dot coat. UK and use the code a fish F. I. S. H. The checkout. That is correct if you would like to try out. And it really is is worth their. And if you'd like to get fifty percent of your first books thirty five percent of the next three go to hellofresh Dokodo UK and use the code a fish at checkout on with the show shows okay and it's time for our final factor the show and that is choosing scheme. My fact is that according to Polynesian. Cathal AJI Maui. Who is the God in the Disney Film Moana died by climbing into a goddess vagina and being crushed to death by the obsidian teeth? The and they didn't show in the fell. We went to Disney and watch the films you remember because we were sponsored by Milan. That's right you guys were quite late getting because you needed to to remember you had to sign in or something. Yeah Yeah and so I went in with outside in and they showed casino so the death scene of the topic and then the rest is a flashback. Cool so if you did miss that what I see the film all the film. You should know that this this is the film around and Moana's of demi-god sidekick in the film is Maui who was a real God rampant and God in demi-god the Go-to in Pacific theology and he exists all over the Pacific islands so like in Hawaii is very important but Tahiti Samoa. The the Maori people they will have slightly different versions of him but there is a version. He's a real trickster character. He's a Prankster Whitey. Bolger or capone. Frank Nash Murderer who is he. He doesn't he's just a little prankster and one of the away he dies is when he's trying to become immortal. And the way decides to do this is to enter the goddess of death who scored Nui Teppo to get in through join up pluck out her heart on the way up to her mouth and emerged from her mouth and apparently this will reverse the birth process and make them immortal identical scientifically accurate. Anyway he does this bird friends with him so some bird to his mates and he says please don't laugh while a do this because she'll wake up and they couldn't hold because it's quite someone climb through China. She woke up and she stop little teeth in China. which real have that is quite a story? She's really she's described as the goddess of death. Yes or metality Tallahassee. I think she's very vivid description in the midst she's got is of greenstone have kelp and the mouth of Barracuda as well as of course having a toothy China a bit like Maura ill. They've got really big teeth haven't they gotta they do. They've got like a forensic jar like alien. Oh Yeah and they got they got backwards teeth so that if you accidentally swim the mouth he cuts them out. Gosh I'm on my what big teeth you have. An and what a surprise now mowing well actually we. He said that he didn't his pranks. Didn't kill anyone. I think that is true. Perhaps I don't know of any but did but he did. Once go fishing with a guy called era ru who was the husband suspended his sister and he was so annoyed with Arou- Oru that he turned him into a dog. ooh that was the first ever Doug. And that's what dogs come from because 'cause Maui actually if you know the song from WanNa you're welcome which is big song. It's all about the things which he did. So He created the moon and the sun and the wind and all these different different things and he pulls the islands up from the ocean floor didn't he he had he had a magic jawbone which according to some of the most is the Jawbone of his grandmother bird is also so quite big so she must have been huge and he did things useful things with it so he used as a Fishhook to pull up islands from the ocean floor and actually the names of North Island and South Island in New Zealand. Now are Tika our Maui. Anti Watteau Maui. Which means fish of Mary and Canoe of Maui because that's uh-huh when he caught fish and turned into an island and he turned his canoe into another island was turning stuff in Thailand? Great raise the sky. That was the thing he did. This sky was pressed down close to the earth so if the height of a tall tree it was brought down to their so it's obviously very restrictive for everybody and He just lifted it up. Upton Brian to a very high peak and chuck it up. There would be so annoying. This guy was not loaded so it wouldn't you head on it but you have to fly a drone. Yeah so another character in Moana is to feces got comes up at the end. She's actually based on Pella. Who is a genuine goddess in Hawaiian mythology? And she's not the most important. God escalated volcanoes stuff like that was like the big volcano volcano in Hawaii is called Mount Pelee appeal has that's kind of her embodiment human too I pay tribute to it when you go there. Ah Did you not know this for so long you meant to give it some brandy. I think it is you go for Gin. Pull Jin she loves Jin Yeah. There was a hog. God Cooled Camera. Who are from shoreham pronouncing wrong But he married Pele. The fire got us and his habits were so bad because he was hulk that She couldn't cope that huge arguments. And eventually she won all the arguments and he was forced to surrender and turned himself into a fish. Oh and that is a Hawaiian fish. And it's the one with the best name. I think we might have talked about it before. Mac GonNa have a crocodile. It's called the Moon Nuku Nuku and it makes his grunting. Noise switch apparently sounds a bit like a hog which is because it used to be a hog. When he's that was always a relationship that was gonna fail between the volcano? A hug.

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