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The sports desk is sponsored by Shuman a Chrysler Dodge Jeep ram walled lake some improvements with lions team yesterday. Although they didn't get out to win yesterday. Tony, no, they didn't get the win. Thanks to rob Goldstone six yard field goal early in the fourth quarter that turned out to be the game winning points for the San Francisco forty Niners as they would pass the lions thirty twenty-seven yesterday a lost that leaves Detroit winless on the two thousand eighteen season lions as Tom mentioned did play a much better game on Sunday than they did in that week one loss to the New York Jets, however quarterback Matthew Stafford says even with their improved play. The final result was still disappointed. Don't take any. You know, any good stuff from the score. You know, obviously, it's a it's a law. So that hurts us, but. You know, just go back and look at the state Ben and understand that we've got guys on our team that can make plays all over the field. And we just gotta continue to Clinton's Stafford by the way at the center of a very interesting play in the second half. When he got pushed out of bounds. The play that many lions fans thought was a late hit that had Lagarde blunt responding kind. He ended up knocking down the player who knocked Stafford out of bounds. And as a result blunt got tossed out of the game, my -pinion Stafford was fair game as crispy Allman said during the broadcast key could've snuck away for a couple more yards. I liked the fact Lagarde blunt stood up for his teammate didn't like the fact that he did it the way he did it which ended up getting him tossed out of the game. Even though it was a pretty cool moment. And it seemed the fire up the lions who played a lot better after that penalty. The rest of the way some other finals of interest from Sunday Dallas beats the New York Giants twenty to thirteen Minnesota and Green Bay finishing a twenty nine all tie this. By the way, marks the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy one the NFL has had tie games in the. First two weeks of the season Atlanta. Pete's carolina. Thirty one twenty four New Orleans keeps Cleveland winless the saints beating the Browns twenty one to eighteen speaking of Cleveland the Tigers defeat the Indian sixty four in yesterday's finale of that three game weekend series of progressive field. First baseman, Jim Medusa drives in four runs. The lead Detroit's offense attack in that win with sports at fifteen and forty five past the hour. I'm Tony Ortiz w w j NewsRadio nine five. Okay. Another.

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