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Only living boy in New York unsound opinions one of my favorite duet. That's a good one Drake. If we're talking about some of the best duets in musical history that we can't leave out the dynamic pairing of Marvin Gaye, and Tammi Terrell absolutely not they began collaborating almost by accident. There was a version that gay had recorded eight no mountain high enough. And there was a version the Terrell had recorded of ain't no mountain high enough and the powers that be Motown didn't really think either one was good enough. What happens if we take a little bit from from the chocolate side and a little bit from the peanut butter. We put them together. What do we get? Right. That is what happened and they would go on to record a string fantastic hits your precious. Love ain't nothing. Like, the real thing. You're all I need to get by. If this world were mine, the tune, I'm gonna play a little less known who the onion song, what a strange tune the world is just a great big. Onion and pain and fear are the spices that make you cry. There's also a strange story behind this. Some people say that it is not Tammi Terrell singing with Marvin Gaye. It's the co songwriter. Valerie Simpson Tammi Terrell would die of a brain tumor. She and gate. We're not to get it off and on the studio or on stage. She actually collapsed into gays arms on stage and died not long after. But there's a version of events that hold that that Simpson one of the songwriters sang, and it's heard not Tammi Terrell other people say no Simpson did a guide vocal. But even though she was in a wheelchair and sick and suffering. It is Tammi Terrell. I'll leave that to the historians to debate. Okay. What I'm always interested in in duet is when you have a male singer and a female singer, and they're each telling their story, you get a different version of events matter from ours women are from Venus, and then the third thing comes together. And it's better than everything the onion song from nineteen sixty nine. I think is when Marvin Gaye. And Tammi, Terrell. Did it best here? It is on sound opinions though. The. The office. Vice? And the only way to get free. Three. Insta-? On. We got a. We. Breed. Two. To do..

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