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Check. You know, he's from Napa Lewis local boy, but I don't think any fan base should have the power. You guys have. I mean, I I don't know. I don't know how I'd live. If I wasn't patriot fans lemon put that way. So you basically just look at us. And you wonder how are we alive? Your life stink. Yeah. I mean being a patriot fans better than being fan of any other team. Miles certainly in. It's just really stunning. I mean, it's the the last twenty years twenty years is so unbelievably long. They've won three other Super Bowls to in the end or what other people would consider like the lemmings forty one years old. Now, Tom Brady that they've won three wasn't like they sprinkle them all throughout the middle one three right away. And then they've won three at the end. It's unbelievable that a dynasty could spend that long. I saw some stat. And I forget the middle part. But like Brady's playoff career started to twelve. And then it was like I mean twelve and two in then it was something like two or what it wasn't great in the middle. It was below five hundred. And I was twelve and two again, it's see that's just that's just quarterbacks that watched him play when they were little babies how much the game has changed. Football's changed dramatically. How many different guys of come through all of that injuries? The parody. How it just becomes more and more about parody the NFL throughout except for them. They're still there nine suit realize these so outrageous. So it's frustrating. We don't want to give you the credit. But I don't know what else is why eve. Even when we lose the Super Bowl, Mike, whatever we're still like, we're still the kings. I know the teams will say they are. But you're not. And what do they what's L? Check get twelve draft picks next year this year. I don't even know. Twelve draft picks. So by all accounts, like they're only going to continue to get better Brady continues to this game. Certainly again in the only debate there the Brady Bill check, this one helps Belgium here's people like his scheme was like unbelievable. But you know, Brady's had basically perfect Super Bowls to a degree till this one. But he's still the driveway needed. Matthew. It's up. Hey, dave. How would you have you seen movie? This is the end. Yes. James ferry code, Dan McBride. I answered yes of Danny McBride. Yes. So you remind me of Danny Danny McBride at the end of the movie and Channing Tatum represents Roger Goodell actually think it'd be great t shirt yet. I got to the bell shirts. I don't really know what that means. I think. Seen that movie us. Maybe people always say that for Dave. I haven't seen it. So I don't know a little bit. No. Join this Pulp Fiction. You know, what was a again give him. You know, what video? I don't wanna throw Casey under the bus. But we were it was me. So she was somewhere else..

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