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We're not talking hundreds like while disneyworld but i can help them with those deadlines and if they want me to book those for them than i can. I have some guests who come to me and say way. We have been to walt disneyworld time and time and time again. We just went to support our local small business person or for some of my guests. They're not local. I have guests all around the united states so they just went to help with that small business person then. I have other guest guest to come to me and say we have no idea what we're doing. We need you to help us with everything so i am as hands on or hands off as people what made to be now. Would you recommend going to disney. I or crews. I because what you're telling me it's relaxing latching on the cruise. You know that that is a personal private friends scott for me. I love <hes> the walt disney world resort. I really do like the disney cruise as well. All i know you two are the crews. Do so what you love to do as this cruise. My husband loves to cruise. I like to cruise. I love the walt disney world resort. My husband likes the walt disney world resort so we both enjoy both of those but for me when i'm going on a disney cruise. I like to do that i because because i want to get off the ship and then go over to walt disney world and be able to have some more disney time there. There are other people who do like to do it the opposite way. They say we're busy at walt. Disneyworld were running around. We went to go and relax on the disney cruise afterwards whereas we feel like we had a vacation instead of feeling like maybe they need a vacation from their vacation of really just personal preference. I don't think i think though that that is a very good feeling to get off the disney cruise where you had fabulous time and you saw great shows rose had great meals and maybe got a spa treatment or two or you went to castaway cay out in the bahamas and then you have to get get off the cruise and go to the airport and they go back to your real life so i don't really think that's a good way to do it but that's just personal preference and i want to be able to go to the next place that i love which is walt disney world. When i get done that is perfect. I mean you spoke just just it was perfectly spoken. A blended family one loves disney. One likes disney one love cruising one..

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