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Now Modesto police make arrest after a threat against a high school was made on social media according to Modesto police nineteen year old Robert my he up posted the thread on Snapchat against any high school the post and rumors spread on social media Tuesday night the teen from river bank was arrested early this morning a young marine is suing the owner and manager of an outdoor mall north of San Diego over the death of his new wife Jim repairs more twenty three year old marine John pick on this new wife twenty two year old robin were out with friends dancing at the coyote bar and grill at the village fair mall in Carlsbad about thirty five miles north of San Diego now according to the lawsuit Pinkham quote young in love and newlyweds and quote was carrying his wife as they went back to the car he tripped on a pothole in the parking lot fell forward because his wife to hit her head on the pavement he too was hurt but also describes the parking lot is poorly lit uneven and written with potholes robin paying him was rushed to the hospital where she died five days later calls to the mall for comment have not been returned Jim rope Los Angeles Fresno county is facing legal action over a policy that keeps convicted sex offenders from living near schools or parks a Sacramento based attorney is representing a man in court documents referred to as John Doe he lives in an RV but wants to move into Fresno county the county board of supervisors discuss the lawsuit in a closed session on Tuesday but took no action the case will be heard in Fresno county Superior Court on March twenty fourth Wall Street is currently up ten points twelve thirty one A. K. M. J. valley weather right now partly cloudy sixty one at Radio City hitting a high today of sixty four we're gonna see more sunshine but then increasing cloudiness this evening a low of.

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