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Mrs this reasonably new love hurt bullied same had no widen still putting it out there this was the attempted to come back for the continuation i don't know not bad now but it's it does it's a little team i think people would say oh yeah we've heard that well he was one of the first to make you hear that so i you know can he can lay claim to that he was no peter murphy can we all know how much you love peter murphy a symbol that's that's that's a assume we should place and peter murphy sometimes for the hell of it i love that debate that guy he was great and what was his band he was in a band was in by house here by house rate yeah so hi how this isn't a i i i don't know if i should save this talk about an you know my kids are narrowminded stiff neck little bigots about why it's it's just drives me crazy why they're there inflexible so they so they love the old and my fault the old washed in space with it with the you know the roberston yeah comic robot mcgann careful dr smith who will will they love with they have a whole all the dvds englanda now and i loved that show too and so some years ago when i was uh when when they were going to do a movie with matt leblanc i thought oh this is this will be i'm chided for that be good it was terribly i was not good yeah was i he was heather graham nanogram i think it was just it was good it was an too bad graham hurt the of dr smith here are you still yummy too bad it what but it wasn't good sold okay you just okay fine well so now netflixing doing lost in space and i've seen the trailer and the trailer looks great now the trailer is it should be it let you know this is not the loss in space from tv inspired by ousting it's your similar set up yeah the robinson family leaving earth will robin children and to call on ira so you got there but there are differences and it doesn't look like its cambior funny or and dr smith is a woman and when.

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