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Night because it made A car's gold. The game winning Gil and people were talking about is if that was the turning point. Look aren't throws towards driver gave picking up garbage in front of the net. A wonderful deflection from Mika ranted and a shot from the Afro mentioned Kalma car and Andre Perk ofthe ski continues to add to his totals in the playoffs. It's the fifth overall in this series. It is Birkoff second in the Avalanche lead by a pair. It's two to nothing. Just now You have to wonder you're a little bit rusty. That is now That's a rebound. Yeah, I mean, it took that off the right pad Now he didn't see it. But you got the right pedal Push. Push it out! 8 ft in front. We're talking about a large, juicy steaks before the game. That was a large, juicy rebound, and it tasted Like a New York Strip. Andre Burakovsky, who gets his fifth of the postseason from Rantanen and Kale, McCarty, him a car. Continues to Wow. He now has 14 points, which is tied for second all time by points in the playoff year by a rookie defenseman. Traing, trailing only Al McInnis and Glen Wesley 1984 in 1988 and what round area where and be second round of the postseason. Here's a one timer attack is back, Jack. Return it now. 13 game point streak that ties him with Messi and O R. And now all eyes are on the backup goaltender on the Stars bench as Nathan MacKinnon put the avalanche up by 3 7.5 to go in the first period. No. You look at this. Dallas is point of view. Did you bring the dog back in? This was supposed to be a rest night for him on back to back games, and it would not be arrested there. Seven minister seven half minutes to go. That would be a long night's work if you brought him back in But Bishop has not looked sharp so far in this hockey game. There's a slow motion replay of Ben Bishop. With his head towards the ceiling and his eyes closed. And I believe That Rick Bonus has taken his time out for the Dallas Stars. Shots are 16 to 3 in favor of the Avalanche. They also have a three nothing lead. It's a complete Ying yang from last night, Except it went the Dallas Stars way and now for the coaching staff. You're worried just about tonight. But is there a little piece of you in the back here by going Where? Wass this last night? How can we do with last night? And this night that seems to be impossible. Time out, is complete face off at center ice, and it's one by the avalanche. You send a deep gash, Who's out there? Load Logan O'Connor, trying to make life difficult for the Dallas Stars. Two goals 41 seconds apart for the Avalanche First day was very costly from Renton and in the car. Then it was mechanic with his eighth goal, the postseason from Comfort and Ryan Graves. No credit, sir. Brought to you by Credit Union of Denver. They're smart like you smart like you dot com. Now it's Belmar in his own zone..

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