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The Shabelle me I about fault I have seen cow replay the laugh playoff. So that Shamo me up about me doing that. I knew better. So it's. Doc. No mount injuries say when you didn't know better you couldn't do better. But you know, better you do better. And I know better, and I still didn't do better. But it's not over. So stop game for case do straight. You're doing it. What research did you did Steve owned? Because Shaan McVay. Because we saw game one both teams on the home court blowouts on both. Both ends really blew my last night. Toronto Blue them out. So now Cantu Rondo make the kind of judgments that Philly mating games to steal homecourt from them. I believe they can now tobacco. It's almost become unplayable. Van Blee his become unplayable. He's been terrible. And he's been a good Benjamin for them. You know, you just gonna play with three guys. But two guys can we get some markets. All we can we get more than seven point. Because if that's all he's gonna give you could've kept Tunas. But I believe Ohkawa I trust him. We're gonna get this on the record. We have a case of do bet on game for on Sunday wreck. Yep, in there are no points exchanged here because Toronto is actually a one point one and a half point favorite in this game. So I don't even need the points. I'm just taking the home itunes strata. I bet you actually being charitable to you that for the record. I I deserve to have a point and a half says Las Vegas. I don't need is it I'm gonna take Joel Embiid team. I don't want it. Now, the two competent. I don't mind. You bit Utah. It won't the point because you always won't becoming too much. You look Toronto. Go win game. Four four. You want some of this? Don't really drink. Do do you get your drill? So I also I've got to put in perspective what really happened last night because we know all about Joel Embiid, and we know about Jimmy Butler, and we know about all that number two did not happen last night when he needed to happen. This is why I don't trust him. This is why I said, good riddance. This is why I don't miss this is why I'll never get over the fact that he quit on the San Antonio Spurs. He's got quit in him. And I'm not saying he quit last night. But he came up very small. He's about six feet what seven inches tall. He played about five seven in the fourth quarter to remind everybody if you carefully watch what happened. He got on an all time. I've never seen him shoot the ball better than he's been shooting it in this series or in these playoffs looking he was cooking in the third quarter because he cooked for six out of six shots. They went on a twenty five to fourteen run in early in the fourth. They cut it to seven. Points and the between quarters interview featuring Brett Brown. He looked haunted tortured. He looked like he had seen a ghost. He looked shell shock. And he basically said we completely lost our defensive focus in the third quarter. And I don't know if it's what button and he pushed in the sideline huddle maybe Jimmy Butler whose nail the leader of this team is the veteran. Somebody said something that flip the switch back on for Philadelphia because they've proceeded early in the fourth to go on a twenty one to two run. So that guy number two in Toronto had scored fourteen or they're twenty five and that Ron guess how many scored is they lost twenty one to two over the next six minutes. He scored zero. He didn't even score the two each two shots and miss both. He wound up getting to garbage time free throws. And that was his total output for the fourth quarter last night. He scored two free throws and no baskets. That's the guy that you guys are betting on that guy. Really with skip. He had thirty three points. Not get. Okay. It's when you score points, but thirty three points, he got seven for Margus off seven from Kyle Lowry to for ten shooting from Lowry. He wasn't.

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