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Definitely did look like it was hill that mess it up. It seems like he does get slightly out of position most of the time he doesn't really seem to be aimed solid position. Honestly, I'm not that impressive. While I saw other than speed in. But that does seem to be what we're really going for in our secondary is speed. So maybe they can do something with that. Don't know I'm gonna do further analysis on him going to whole season, most likely two thousand eighteen probably do video of him. Can you coach tackling? Is that something with only kick coaches speed? That's why the number getting these guys because we got the foundations when he got speed. We can work with everything else. Right. Was Todd balls defenses in other and other teams just as fast. I don't know if they were this fast to be honest with you. They flou- over the place. But the guys we got our defense, especially our secondary are just blazing quick say are secondary, but our fronts, habit or fast. I wonder if they're doing that because of a the quarterbacks that we have to play in the division are quick releases and the receivers that we have art of vision. You being able to chase down Cam Newton and McCaffrey Julio Jones, Mike Thomas. Kamar kamar. Yes. Speed is definitely going to be a plus in that aspect. But of course you're gonna have to be able to tackle to which was a big problem with us last year. Our tackling was Jurevicius worse. Probably about the worst tackling techniques ever seen that whole launch at the hip they would launch at the opponent's lower-half aiming for the hip or the look like but actually launch all the time they reach just absolutely horrible. Well, that should be fixed this year because Aaron said that he's going to take advantage of full-contact Tyrrell's during training camp. Good tweet. Gregg allman. He says people would be, we'd be Hucker. Nothing say he can't learn to tackle without tackling. That's exactly right. So wait. Learn on tackles to do it. We got about three years to catch up to play on. No. I can't believe Connor did not have guys tackling to the ground in training game. I can't believe we didn't find that out until just a few to go. Yeah. Does our MS bizarre. All right. We got the buccaneers stuff out of the way let's talk about some x Buchan years, mainly jerem McCoy now. I know a lot of people are sick and tired of hearing about Jeremy Koi. I don't blame you. But guess what? You're gonna hear about him all year. This is a huge thing, not necessarily from us, but from everybody in the NFL, especially bucks world rousted building up for nine years. True. That's really not fair. Ask him to get it all out in one week. I wanna do a slight correction about something I said in the last podcast. Ian Rapoport has said another team offered him double the money and they're later, it was clarified. It was just double the guaranteed money to Notre at their say. So at Carolina, what's he getting getting like four million eight million guaranteed? Right. So not quite as bad as what it sounded like initially though, none at all, and it really changes the mayor to begin because it just goes to show that German did go where the highest pay money was because Jeremy Fowler of ESPN said it's my understanding Brown's. We're not touching the ten point five million here McCoy can give from Carolina, Cleveland, basically wanted him to take a fairly sizable pay-cut paint him as more than eight million player in the man who took his job sue helped his case with big money from Tampa Bay. That was from Jeremy Fowler, VSBN. So the Browns we're not gonna pay them as much money as either. Baltimore or Carolina Baltimore was just going to give him guaranteed money and Carolina gave him four million guaranteed with incentives up to Tampa to five million. So that's good news for Carolina that the incentives were built in, because that will give him some motivation this if nothing else if the revenge part doesn't give. Well, here's a strange thing about the whole McCoy stuff. When we've talked about the whole media narrative that changed fifteen times during this whole thing look back on it in retrospect, you can see that none of the teams that talked to McCoy needed him. Cleveland it need him a heck. They've got a monstrous defensive line going on there. Baltimore didn't need him. They again, they've got a good line and Carolina didn't need him. You know, they've got Cohen short and found Terry pal. Terry PO so all three of them. He he was a luxury signing his depth when he was going to be a rotational player. No matter where he went, I find it strange. Nobody's talking about that. And it'll be excused at the end of next season. Yeah, I say, I find it strange. But I don't find it strange way media kisses. But, but, you know that set stat that says that sue has fifty six while McCoy has fifty four and a half sacks and their career. Well, that's a lie. They're not counting Seuss playoff Sachs. Those are just read. Regular season. Sacks. Yeah. I'm guilty too. I said the same thing. But in his six playoff games. He's had five sacks. Well, so he shows up when accounts pride. That's a great player showing up in big games. Now you had those to his sack total in it as soo- as sixty one sacks to McCoy's fifty four and a half that the big difference. Plus last year McCoy had six sacks. And in the regular season sue had four and a half. But then you add on the second half he had during the pros postseason at gives him what six acts on the year. Jerem McCoy, the sect totals have been reported wrong by all the media outlets. And I could find, for example, gentlemen, reported the fifty four and a half to fifty fifty six sack mistaken, her article entitled books replace jerem cove at the Dhamma con, sue. But at what cost the societas press also did on may twenty fourth. That's kind of a big mistake. I think a little lazy. It's very lazy. Yeah. And I just gotta say this tape obey times trash. I'm just going to say that out there. Joe john. Ramana. Who is I guess he's a no sports writer. He wrote some sappy article about how the buccaneers organization and light are ruining fans memories by giving. Sue McCoy's numbers. He wrote an article politic gutted McCoy jersey. Yeah. You might want. Log onto EBay. It was the same as it was just crapping on the whole team organization. Although I just don't get it man. It's definitely spreading negatively about the current team. That's about as me before we've even taken a snap. There are other organizations that are doing the same thing. Just the tone of the articles. It's not necessarily that they're saying the bucks are going to be terrible who are, you know, the needs to be fire this players bad. This players bad. It's just the language that they use descriptive edge direction that they go with the articles like you were talking about the better just love headlines. So you just kind of have to be careful with the tone. I think I've really I. I noticed it would certain organizations and particularly like towards the end of the tenure of a coach where they're about to get fired. And you know that they're gonna get fired. And the teams are performing well, the articles, just become more and more and more and more negative and then you get any coach. And there's a lot of hope in the fan base. But then the media outlets are still kind of negative, and I'll believe it when I see it or we've done the song and dance before. So official say lovey Smith. Right. But they just plant that little seed of doubt. So it bothers me when the team hasn't even taken the field yet, and there's already that skepticism. It's crazy. To me the health. They're not just writing article after article about how great Bruce Arians is. I mean he's the best tenured coach, we've ever had come to the buccaneers got a proven track record very proven. And the hell the ownership is just spending a gun. Bob tone of money. It's, it's crazy how much money they're spending on this team right now. So, yeah, the media's just I think a lot of it is because most of them are not fans. You know, they're probably Fanta, some other sports team if they're even fan sports, but it's just the job to them. And they know that negatively gets more attention than positively, so, and plus they're also hedging their bets of if the team sucks. They go see I told you, right? And like a negative article even if you disagree with that you're more likely to engage within a, you might argue with them, you might fight with them about it. You'll comment on their article so that generates interest in that article. So it makes sense why they do it says human nature. But at the same time, it's frustrating to see that pushed all the time. Okay. We're gonna talk about media here in a moment, of course. But I want to continue with the McCoy stuff. Did you know that before it was released by the books? Terrible. Course started working with. Viagra for to document his tenth season. You wanna know the title of the upcoming documentary is, is that transition what he knew this was happening, he well, I mean he set it at the end of last season the last game? And I think I recall the announcers that game talking about it during the game like askings walking off the field. I remember them saying this might be Jerrell McCoy's last game in book, nears uniform or something of that nature. Okay. So I've been hearing from the media, while they think a small vocal minority of fans who some of them call trolls did not like McCoy. They said they're reasons that the fans didn't like him included one McCoy was the face of losing franchise to he was, too. Nice three. He was not Warren Sapp as are all the reasons I've heard that the media's befuddled as to why some fans were happy to see mcquaid leave. They're just assuming these things, they never bothered to ask the very people that they are talking. About why so much for investigative journalism. Well, I'm gonna tell you some of the reasons why I think this is coming straight from the horse's mouth, a fan who was happy to see McCoy, get cut the Sean Jackson Austin safari Jenkins, Chris Baker, Mike. Williams. Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, keep to leave the Garrett blunt, Robert Goyo Daniel tail, and the sheen, Brian price, Noah, Spence, Doug Martin, Josh Freeman, Brent Grimes to NAR Jackson. Kellen Winslow junior, all of those players prove that the leadership in the locker room did not exist. All of those guys had some serious issues. Either drug problems alcohol problems behavior problems. They quit on the team. They didn't care. I mean look at what happened with the Sean Jackson last year the way he was with James Winston. Now he just refused. The catch James Winstons balls and some of the stuff he reportedly did in the locker room and to James. Winston would not have been tolerated if there was some been some serious leadership in the locker room. Nobody would've put it with that crap. Same thing with Chris Baker in Austin safari Jenkins as Bruce Arians said, this is your team. This is the players team. If you see a problem, you solve it, you go up. Veterans it's supposed to go up to these guys and say, hey, cut it out if they say if they see them in the bars, too late, go up to him and say you can't be doing this. We didn't have any of that in the buccaneers locker room and Tara McCoy was supposedly the face of the franchise and the defacto leader. That's one reason. Another reason is everybody's heard about him helping opponents up and everybody was like, oh, that's no big deal bub-bubba. You know, he just he knocks people down and helps them up. He's just a nice guy. Right. I could understand that. But the problem was he would help guys opponents up that he didn't knock down that other guys tackle he would help them up and he wouldn't help his fellow players up. I check. Challenge. Anybody to show me video footage of jerem McCoy helping a buck near player up off the ground. It might be out there. I don't ever recall. Seeing it in nine years of watching film, but I do recall seeing quite a few times you helped the opponent up off the ground and a lot of times it was opponents that he didn't even knock down. I've seen him step over buccaneer players to help the opponent up. I don't know what that was all about didn't sit right with me, and I can understand why something would be upset about it in two thousand twelve jerem McCoy was handed this franchise. He had been injured for two thousand ten and two thousand eleven but in two thousand twelve when Greg Shana came in he was gifted this franchise as the face of the franchise and the facto leader he was promoted he got special treatment, he always had to lockers to himself, and he hadn't at that point earned it Germany was always in front of a camera. He spent more time promoting himself in being a leader as was. All the stuff. I just said it was all about McCoy and not to team. That's how it came off to me. The media promoted him and like to because he was a willing source for them. The media does not watch Gainesville. They don't sit down and watch the coaches all twenty two to figure out who is good and who isn't good. They depend on things such as pro football, focus and coaches to tell them who is a good player. Now, they pick who's good or bad based on who they like they like people that give them information and are nice to them. Basically the media's what pushed McCoy on everyone in the media's the one crying about losing him. Now, he's quick to jump in front of a camera or Twitter or call a reporter about an article on him that he didn't like, but he's not quick to do that when they do it about the team. Remember the whole Freeman, not voted captain controversy that turned out to be a lie. I don't remember McCoy get in front of the camera and calling out he was there. He saw it. He let the media say that without giving any pushback. Then there's the whole thing about McCoy has double and triple team. You hear that all the time as phrases, constantly paired by the? Media without any evidence whatsoever that phrase was actually started by McCoy as a talking point McCoy brought it up all the time. Mccloy was not double teamed anymore than any other defensive tackle in the league if he was, I want somebody to sit down and analyze from all the now's XIV done..

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