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I'm Steve cave in President Trump's got his eye on the southern border as he holds rallies in the final days of campaign, two thousand eighteen keep these people out of our country vote Republican from a stop in Missouri last night, it's Indiana and West Virginia today for the president GOP strategist, Dan senior biggest risk to the Republicans heading into these midterms is not the president's policy agenda. But is the is conveying chaos in the way, he's been handling some of the immigration issue, reinforces CBS, news, director of elections. Anthony, sell vonda, one of the groups were watching is women who say that the economy is good, but don't like the direction of the country, and we ask why that is and by big partisan gaps. They feel like the Democrats are addressing issues of concern to women that Republicans and Donald Trump are not. It's a busy day for former President Obama who looks to rally Democrats in Florida and Georgia. The government says employers at a two hundred fifty thousand jobs last month, the unemployment rate held firm at three point seven percent and wages grew at the fastest pace in nine years. Business analyst Jill Schlesinger. It's fantastic news. If you're looking for a job, I mean, I know that they're not every job is created equal. But we are seeing more people flow into the labor force. And that's important. President Trump tweeted wow about the jobs report. And later tweeted a picture borrowing from game of thrones promotional imagery to say all US sanctions against Iran will be reimposed Monday, targeting financial, and energy sectors. They're back in play after Mr. Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran funeral services today in Pittsburgh for the oldest of the synagogue murder. Victims ninety seven year old rose manager attacks survivor. Carol Black's brother was among the eleven who died she and others got away. When the shooter was distracted by another group. I think the time that. He spent shooting them actually is what gave us the time to escape the room. And. To me. They're they're martyrs. They gave us the time. So that we're still here on the health. Watch results are preliminary but promising on a patch that delivers medication to treat migraine headaches. Glen Brown's one of the patients using it at tufts medical center in Massachusetts. He says it works faster than oral drugs makes a huge difference. Because then you can get back to your day. You can get back to whatever you're doing the company that makes the patch is reporting few side effects in expects further study results next year, Wall Street right now, the Dow is down two hundred sixty five points, the NASDAQ down one twenty five this is CBS news to experience relief from muscle cramps in your legs and feet, use theraworx relief fast acting foam get theraworx relief today in the pain relief violence your local pharmacy or theraworxrelief dot com..

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