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I just loved that part colosio question. Absolutely who is your favorite character. Other than ted. My favorite character. And i can never decide whether ted is you know. Do i include ted or not include type because i have complex feelings about ten this season. It's dr sharon for sure. I think she is. Maybe one of the best second season additions to an ensemble. Ever in terms of complicating how everybody else relates to each other. I also in terms of sheer comedy. It's a coach beard. Who talks so little. But every little thing he says and every little noise he makes. There's a part. I know that you like me. Enjoyed the ted giving a speech about rahm communism. People say something wrong does not the way i see it guy. Here's what i believe. In communism rahm communism that is and it's just this very you can't tell whether he's sort of bummed it's not regular communism or that he thinks. This is a weird lecture. But every time i watched that clip. It made me giggle so much. And it's the same thing when he sort of every time he makes some like odd noise or exclamation. It makes me laugh so much. He does a great deal with very little on the page true and his expression snow. It's really white something. What do you like so much about. dr sharon. Is it her as a character is it. Also her as a catalyst for what's happening now as the story goes on. Yeah it's both. I mean i. I am a fan of good representations of therapy and the the meaning of therapy. I am very fond of her as a catalyst to change the direction of of some of what was happening on the show. I think she has really you know. I have used the word complicate a lot in talking about this season. I think she has really. Her presence has really helped to complicate. Ted's sense of himself. If the first season was all about everybody learning that ted really could do this job and could inspire people and all that stuff she has really come in and it's become clearer and clearer that there are as you said earlier limitations to his sort of inspirational jabber and also. I think he's become sort of more performance active. And it's i think her presence and the fact that she is so low key has kind of emphasized that a lot of his kind of business that he's constantly doing feels forced in a way. That sort of makes you think there's something going on with this guy. That's not just you know. This has been the season where they've really been like. How did he get this way. Like how does a person get this way Which are not always gonna see with the character who starts out really broad. So i really love her. I love that. Sarah niles performance which is really she just resists the urge to get into any of the broader comedy. That practically everybody else on that show is eating up at least some of the time she just. Has this really steady really quiet. She's very kind but she's not no. She's a therapist. She's not there to be sillier performed for people she's a doctor and i love that character in that way i think also in the final episodes we're gonna see..

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