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And here to make sense of what could be a torrid few days ahead as Markle's own page Reynolds. Good off noon pays nice to see you in your Sunday. Finery? What's your the forthcoming seven days? Well, there's there's quite a bit going on. I think the big story of the week will be the meaningful vote happening in the UK parliament on Brexit. So last week we saw some five days of really heated debates on one of the outcomes was a quite controversial decision by the speaker of the house John burqa who by the end of Wednesday had enabled MP's vote for an amendment that have made deal is defeated on cheese day, she'll need to present a plan b in at most three days. So I think thrown a spotter in the works for sort of whatever happens on Tuesday said this vote was delayed from December eleventh that was meant to happen. So make it sort of go around Europe trying to cajole some support. Unfortunately, a defeat is looking likely. So we'll we'll see I was going to ask us inch. It's being termed a meaningful vote. It's the meaning could be lacking. Depending. I may mean nothing if it's fated and we get closer. No. I think it definitely could mean nothing, but I think the sort of what what next will become a little bit clearer. I'm so they're all going to be some outcomes. So perhaps labor might propose of no confidence to force general election. We might see parliament pushing for a second referendum, and we might just get a little bit closer to that much dreaded no deal. So all we could say today to that much twenty-ninth. Yeah. That's surely the most likely outcome of this. However, we're probably hostage fortune talking any further. So let's move on what else Iran so fashion season has well and truly kicked off some Monaco's fashion editor Jamie waters has begun his grand European tour last week he was in pity warmer in Florence he's now in Milan for men's fashion week there and this week will have the start of the big major event, which is Paris men's fashion week. So it's going to be held firm. Choose day the fifteenth through to Sunday, and we've got all the big names. So it starts out with a show from hereon Preston, who's the sort of cultural icon of the street west seen on it closes with us. More classical menswear Brown selene, and there are a few things to watch out for. So we've got food to gun ruse follow up collections since his return to the industry. So he used to be previously with Gasol, and he showcased his opponents label for the first time law some at pity, and he's quite Auty essential theme of water running through his first collection. It was quite conceptual. So be interesting to see what his second offerings will look like we've also got Kris van ashes first ability runway after leaving your own and Kim Jones latest forty or on looking at the the echoes of that men's west switch up that we saw last year be interesting to interesting to see how it pans out. I've been reading not recently about the kind of gradually declining fortunes of. Street where which obviously has become a cornerstone of both label and highstreet fashion buffets netted to see what what comes back from this. When XT Finally I thought we have a look at as well as sort of the fashion season kicking also got the award season. I'm in the film industry, kicking off save had the Golden Globes. The BAFTA nominations also announced last week, but a foam that's being released in the UK this week perhaps to slightly less fanfare than his previous work is Barry Jenkins Jenkins's. If Bill street could talk which is being released in the UK on Friday, so many will know Jenkins as the director of moonlight, which after slide fiasco was awarded best picture the Oscars in two thousand seventeen and if Bill street could talk is the first actual English language adaptation of James, Baldwin's work. And I think we we actually did an elitist season of the big interview of very own Ben Ryland interviewed by junk. Pins about his life about his work. And I think he was extremely excited to to take on such an icon as such as James Baldwin and sort of put that onto the screen. So I'll be hoping trade to see how that if people want to hear that Barry Jenkins interview. With Ben episode Ninety-three of the begin to broke seconds seven twenty eight I think stuff page plenty those stories, which you can hear a great deal more about by staying chain to monocle twenty four in the next seven days..

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