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When they're fully healthy they have a pretty solid bench to the starting rotation is good obviously love burland or for a whole season they have garrett cole who had a really good second half and i you know listen i if you wanna be nitpicky maybe the the bullpen giles they kind of gave up on him in the play offs to some degree so he's a question mark somewhat but they've got a lot of good arms their defense he's got a good arm joe smith peacock hector ron stone he could ever get it back together there's some ability there there's really even the depth of the rotation with mccullers and morton on the back end it's it's hard to see coming apart for the astros outside of a ton of injuries so really it's the rest of the division and i think the angels with all the i was going to pick the mariners to finish second but the marriage with so many injuries and i'm not a believer in felix hernandez i'm going to pick the angels to finish second followed by the mariners the as and then i've got the rangers dead last i don't like their pitching i think it's just terrible us move over to the national league and the national league east when you make these predictions it's almost like i wanna find the sleep routine to pick an upset but i just it's really hard to do and i'm not gonna do it in the national league east i'm going to go with the nationals again how about what steve phillips if you missed it really interesting stuff that steve phillips said when he joined me at noon eastern talking about he thinks the reason the nationals have failed so often is because they've got a weird dynamic in their clubhouse that was interesting james when he said that you know that was really fastened i'd never heard that before but yeah definitely was something that stuck out just that no one talks to each other that is so weird and you hear about clubhouse chemistry and for a while it was a guy like nick swisher new york and i guess aaron judge has a big clubhouse presence reportedly the dj come back to the yankees doesn't it's.

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