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Little tip For those of you that keep looking for an alternative on social media or media in general, you want You want your conservative Voices to be heard. Well, I don't know how you're gonna feel about this one. But I kind of stumbled across. I haven't seen any promotion of any kind. But Al Jazeera America Is the hill is reporting they're launching a new conservative channel. Despite unopened letter from about 100 staff members. Who are not happy about it. Well. Yeah, they work for Al Jazeera, and they are media people, and I don't know when it comes to 100 100. For for a cable network. Well, when I started of Fox business we launched With 350 people. No, there were like eight of us on the air or 10 of us something like that. But the rest of writers producers On Ben. Of course we had Go mingle the Fox and Fox business stuff with floor director's camera operators, control room engineers audio all that I mean, there's takes a lot of people. So that I'm going well, 100 critical staff isn't That much. I don't know how big Al Jazeera is. Al Jazeera America. But anyway, Michael Weaver, senior vice president, business development at Al Jazeera says We're going ahead with rightly We believe in what we're doing in the company believes in what we're doing, It's our direction. He said he was deeply involved with the creation of the new digital platform, which launches today with his first show right now with Stephen Kent. The interview program will address according to Al Jazira, the issues animating right of center Americans today. So I don't know where they are. I don't they have to get Are they going to be online or do they have Table clearances and with cable Clarence is it takes a long time to go to all the different cable companies out there and say we would like you to, um Broadcast our cable our network. And The cable companies have to pay them so much for them s so it really comes down to where the they're going to get a lot of cable coverage or not. But as you would expect. It's editor in chief is a guy by the name of Scott Norville. He used to be. Fox News president. And he and Steven Tent. Um Working together. But they are that's called rightly is an umbrella brand under the sub brand of Al Jazeera, There will be a Syriza's shows and then a series of other hosts and potentially it will expand into other formats is being built organically. The idea is to get the first one out the door and make first ventures into this market. And point this put this point of view out there. I think this is smart. This is exactly What Roger Ailes did. He spotted there was a dearth of right voices. And so he teamed up with Rupert Murdoch and Creative Fox News. I don't know where this is going to go. Because you've got one American news and I know some of you like it or not. I'd find it to be very much well, I think it's like college. Level broadcasting. I'm not. I've checked out news, Max and I I think that's also They're not prime time players other than Greg Kelly. I really don't think so. They're pretty lightweight. My humble opinion. But they're getting an audience so good for them. The guy who owns him knows he's a good guy knows what he's doing. So I think right now with the shake up on the right, um, these Al Jazeera is gonna try to make a run like one America News and News Max has done against Fox. Um, boxes having good days and not good day, so we'll see how This competition works, but it's they are specifically. Looking to give a conservative slant to whatever the news of the day is. It sounds like they're starting with just One program, so I presume. It is going to be an online product. Which isn't that we're one America News is I think it is. I don't know. I don't know enough about one American news. I apologize. So, um Al Jazeera America. Look it up. So if you can find what they're doing with this show that they are launch. I don't have the time, it just says launched Thursday. Today's Thursday. And it's their first show, so they've got one show is not like launching 24 7 of programming, which is a lot Put together 24 7 of programming 24 hours. Of programming seven days a week. Is is a humongous effort, so This for those of you looking for something on the right. This is this is another alternative for you out there that maybe you can dig around with So we got that and like I said the job's report today. First time jobless claims 730,000 that was down over 100,000 from the previous week, but it's still massively high. There's over four million continuing jobless claims. S O. That number is still in need of improvement. That it did not help. On Wall Street today, not at all. One man COMMENT line band That's all we can afford Market today. Ouch!.

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