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News. Time is now. 8 30 Good morning on Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by the lower law firm Supporters of police staging a rally outside of the Austin police headquarters called Silent Gnome, Or The Rally is the brainchild of a group of bikers who say the majority of people are sick of the daily attacks on public safety. One of the organizers Luis Rodriguez, tell CBS Austin the very people who are driving the local anti police sentiment have no idea of the consequences that could come from de funding A PG people who have no expertise in Security and protection. You're going to defund our mounted force. But yet you have no idea what it takes to do. Crowd control. A counter rally called Blue Lives Don't matter was held at a P D as well, and several of those demonstrators were arrested. Patrick Osborne News radio cable. BJ was widespread looting in downtown Chicago last night and early this morning. Chicago's magnificent Mile is a mass with storefronts smashed out and got it by hundreds of looters and widespread rioting and violence. It was just total chaos. The police rapidly lost control, and the numbers of looters just continued to grow. Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins police, who were overwhelmed and outnumbered opened fire on an armed suspect, who they say shot of them first in one of a couple of clashes between officers and armed suspects, with reported shootings across the city overnight to multiple arrests, and today, roads and bridges are shut down to keep people away from downtown Chicago. Jeff Man. Also Fox News this week. The Leander Lago Vista Pflueger villain Thrall School district's Begin classes Thrall begins today. Leander, Lago Vista and Pflueger Ville start on Thursday. President Trump is signing executive orders to provide relief to the economy. The executive orders provide protection for people facing eviction as well Student loan relief in a payroll tax cut. President Trump also signed an order continuing enhanced unemployment benefits but at a lesser man. Count $400 a week instead of 600 the president wants states to pick up 25% of the cost. This was much more than was originally agreed to 600 was a number that was there, and as you know, there were different. There was difficulty with the 600 number because it really was a disincentive. There will likely be court challenges, but the president said they won't prevail. Rachel Sutherland boxes. President. Trump also signed an executive order saying that he will ban TIC tac in the US unless it's sold in the U. S company. But even with that order, Tic Tac says it's planning to expand in Austin. They say they plan to create hundreds of jobs and be in the Austin area for years to come. It's a 33 K LBJ Here's Austin's on time traffic. With Melinda Branch Freeway's looking pretty good out there. Just a slight delay, 35 North found in between Riverside Drive and Cesar Chavez. You're next reports at 8 45 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. No. Get all the quality parts. You need your locally owned Napa because right now, when you order from Napa Online, you can pick up curbside your local store in just 30 minutes..

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