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Because you're GONNA get those ratings because people are going to now have to tune in to annex t on Wednesdays and an internationally people don't watch the next T- and Awa war right except for the really really superfan that you know you tubes and subscribes to whatever drivers were. They can watch now. You're going to have those fans go. Well wait a minute. What is this I want to see it? And that audience will tune in It'd be a great thing and I think I think he. He should have some kind of representation at Wrestlemainia as the show. I just think it needs a reason for being in. That would be a reason for being. I don't think it should be assumed that will I mean wrestlemanias different right wrestlemanias almost a celebration of WWe as an all encompassing company which would include Annex T. I don't mind seeing an annex t match at Wrestlemania. I think think it'd be good. I would mind if pay per views in general became tri branded. I think there's a distinction to make their I. It's a it's a weird scenario. Look at NAP. But it's interesting as well Conversation at mark and I are having and this has been a conversation and I'm sure you've heard scuttle but it's you talk about a conversation has two sides to it and that is the undertaker. It's wrestlemainia season. This is when you start bringing up the undertaker's name undertaker sat down down with stone. Cold Steve Austin. He made it clear he's not done yet. He's he's near the end of the road but he hasn't hit the finish line and also you saw that documentary that the wwe we network had on staying and sting is still bothered by the fact that he hasn't had match to really call in wrap his career round. Is there any anyway. We see sting undertaker at this year's Wrestlemainia I mean I think there's a way I don't think I think I hope it's unlikely. It's not my pick for Wrestlemainia Samania match you know. I think there's a lot of if you really WANNA do that. Match there still other international pay per views that you are still doing those super matches at but I think the undertaker where he's at in his career. I mean we. I don't like legend versus legend matches. I like legend versus current guy matches you know. Oh I think you run into problems. I think you ran into that problem with Goldberg versus undertaker. Right it just. It was not the right match. Both of those guys had better matches coming off off of that match with younger guys. I would much rather see the undertaker versus. I think if anybody is perfect for an undertaker match at this year's wrestlemanias drew MacIntyre. I think that's the spot for drew. You know I think everybody's been talking about drew. And obviously he's making that slow. Kind of good guy. baby-faced turn as we watch raw week after week. And I think drew McIntyre versus undertaker's match. That I WANNA see 'cause I wanna see the undertaker wrestlemainia Nia betting drew is the match. I want I I can't say that disagree disagree but there is a little bit of difference of opinion of where you put it. You're saying that you you don't mind seeing undertaker's thing just you rather see that at the the greatest rumble and Saudi Arabia right at Wrestlemainia. Semaine right okay. Yeah I mean yeah. I and drew McIntyre undertaker at resum s O mania. Yeah because I think I don't I don't disagree wrestlemanias wrestlemanias still you do. Oh Yeah what do you disagree. I think if you'RE GONNA put those two in the ring together it's gotta be Wrestlemainia but what loses loses the luster that good. Why was Goldberg and undertaker? Not Good because Gordon. The Roman reigns it was Goldberg's words fall on his own like Goldberg. I tried too much. I think Goldberg thought for a moment that this was twenty years in the past year. Nuts sure and he probably probably did a little too much in that match and he probably. I'm not going to say I'm backing to use the word unsafe because that would be unfair but probably tried to do too much. I don't think you would get that With the undertaker instinct. And you're you're a sting guy back in the day right. You're extending fan. Don't you agree that that one big matches has eluded him. Obviously obviously I fell flat. He I think I think he needs it and I think his fans need that one that one match that is that that is kind have needs to validate his career. That's why I do want to see the match but I'm not can sting hasn't wrestled in years now and he's coming off of. It's something that he thought was going to end his career all together so I don't know what kind of shapes thing is in wrestling is chasing At a have smackdown on the first smackdown on Fox and I could not believe how great looked while I mean he is training. He's living in Texas now and WAX Hatchet Texas about thirty minutes south of Dallas. I talked to him and was like Yo man what are you doing. I couldn't believe so he's telling me keeping you. Did you find the fountain of youth telling everybody he's looking. I'm great man. Yeah so I mean like. I don't think that that's going to that. That's not going to be the issue. The issue is going to be where and win yet. How much we in Bay right? Yeah that's the check is important. I also that sting undertaker like the great balls of fire paper Eh. Probably not no no. But I also don't think that wrestlemanias synonymous with sting like I don't think we're looking for thank. You are think we're new to me. I'm I'm unfamiliar yes. I don't think that we're looking for sting to have a wrestlemainia moment because sting has made the choices in his career. If he's probably the one giant icon superstar that is not synonymous with Wrestlemainia. Yes there you go and I think that you know there you go drew McIntyre as a WWe superstar tried and true the undertaker. Is You know he is defined by Wrestlemainia and vice versa. I don't think that the sting undertaker match loses any lustre whatsoever happening elsewhere. I think drew McIntyre having Wrestlemainia match with the undertaker would would not only be good for drew McIntyre but I actually think it would bring a little bit of prestige back to the undertaker wrestlemainia match. Well I I I know there's probably a split. There's people like me that want to see that matchup would love to see it for the introductions and it would be like a wrestlemainia moment and then there's probably a lot of fans at stink especially after like what you said with Goldberg. neons tickets like do you really need to see to fifty plus year. Old Guys is in the ring together at Wrestlemainia fear. And that's what I mean. That's a good point to who cares what they think. Pessimism the Champions Stig in the undertaker red money in the back now if you have stinging the undertaker and the rain it's Wrestlemainia. Nobody nobody saying great balls of fire. We said the greatest Royal Rumble Super Shadow in this place to Sean. My uncle is it Saudi. Oh my God what time is it. Is it a time at the end of the hour already. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or Gore on demand with the series. XM APP obviously a lot of talk on the royal rumble just days away from the Royal Rumble. Taking place this Sunday and other than the rumble match. I think the match that everyone is looking forward to is Oscar and Becky Lynch for that raw women's championship chip and Becky Lynch was a guest mark on. WWe backstage. And she had this to say about Oscar. She is she's phenomenal Sonam right. She is phenomenal. She's phenomenal.

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