Professor Gregory Christenson, Sacramento, North Carolina discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Think we're doing terrific in North Carolina. Here. It isn't Now. These aren't palsy. Zahra. What's happening? Democrat Joe Biden in Michigan, saying voters are fed up with Trump. We're done with the chaos. With the tweets with the anger with hay with a failure with irresponsibility. More than 91 million people have already cast ballots in the election through early voting. It's that time. Time to turn back your clock one hour for daylight saving time you're listening to ABC News. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Cal State used to be professor is getting backlash from colleagues and students for teaching that intelligence is based on race. Associate professor Nina half, says Professor Gregory Christenson should be fired. If he's teaching things that are discriminatory and also unplanned. Then he is not doing this job. Christenson is teaching a theory that specific black and Hispanic ethnic groups or less intelligent than white Europeans in North East Asians, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The mega Millions. Jackpot continues to grow. California Lottery officials say No one picked all six numbers in Friday night's drawing. That means Tuesday's jackpot will be worth $129 million. San Bernadino. Police say two people were arrested on suspicion of stealing $360,000 worth of power tools from Home Depot stores. Authorities say the suspect stole Milwaukee brand power tools from multiple Home Depot locations. I'm reliable Balon. Sacramento traffic checking KFBK traffic in Colusa I five both directions. The Maxwell rest areas are shut down. This is because of sewer work taking place until the end of the year. December 31st so north and South bound, you can't exit there. You also have a similar situation in Woodland South Bound five. This is at the Vietnam Veterans Rest area. That exit is shut down, have landscape work taking place until December 1st and in the Sierra 80 westbound at the California Nevada state line, the roadway is reduced to a one lane for.

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