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The flavor of parfait flavors are going to be hello areas absurdity and incredibly troubling disunity now I go back and forth enjoying their the chaos in the ugliness in the pettiness everything like that last night and this morning I was in a mood of of probably being a grown up of just the you know this is not good this is this is not good I actually you know I'm raising my kids in this country now wants to be strong and successful in free and that sector at Centro and and and I believe government is necessary but it should be barely involved in my life and it's just so freaking dysfunctional I want everybody's acting like children if your kids are acting like this you know yeah you give a lecture about getting their act together right and it's just it's just it's it's it's not good it's hilarious and I will make jokes about it but it's just it's not good there are several trends the ones you mentioned that are going in the wrong direction yes the I I will tell you this the nation has indoor worse and come out the other side a wiser for the experience here's a difference though thinking about this how does open there wasn't a deaf we've gone through some we've gone through some times are people really at each other both sides really at at each other over some serious questions though and you know easy to mail down you can't continue to be a country if half the country thinks labor's okay and half doesn't right in on the civil rights movement K. kind of similar if if you got a big chunks of the country that don't want to give a group of people the right to be citizens in a you know that those are this is just this moon to ours is just personal padding is the inability for grown ups to think well we work here we're all trying to accomplish something let's just put this aside and go forward right we can't have open animosity and screeching and fights here in the office just a you know to decide a metaphor everybody can understand you've got at least keep it cool part of it is the age of this mark phone and the internet we are in it is impossible to get our attention unless you go over the top we won't look up from our phones and I think that's due in large measure why the politics of today are the politics of the day some trouble often if you didn't see the speech last night and I didn't buy the wedding March I just can't do state of the union addresses every second of it I wanna paces to swell all right lasted about three applause breaks when they were brought pausing after every two words this at all all yeah I can't do this the real I'm like you with like but still like crackling of bags I just can't do it I love my country and care about my job so I watched every second and would be happy to explain it to you but having said that but so trump walked in he didn't look at Nancy handed or the speech and didn't shake her hand when she stuck her hand right yeah she rolled her eyes at various times through the holes all my goal please rolled her eyes she rolled her eyes she threw her head back she mouths the words the people in the audience at one point she went with her angry school marm act and was shot Xing somebody like up in and back to the right her right my life and and like kept at it like as the president speaking she isn't quite property you quiet up it was hello S. crazy then at the end she tore up the speech yes what a little over a year standing needed to see it I wish you the scene it because what would his reaction about ha ha ha ha well he certainly send it by now and that has access to a Twitter account the being her handshake thing was I believe it he only glance halfway adder for the purpose of seeing where she was because he knew we had to handle if you don't run into the podium and like hand the speech to the to nobody yeah it was a precaution to from a bag on his knee he handed it to her but never looked fully adder she extended her hand it's my belief he didn't see that now it's entirely possible here's the snob if you like to watch it it's entirely possible that that he what have snubbed her given the opportunity but it's it's not clear to me are you always approaching he's walking he's try Anthony's adjusting his jacket he's looking out of the crowd thank you hell yeah year reaches down he's got a couple of copies of the speech you Rooney grabs it minor minor offenses nodding along with a pleasant smile here's a copy depends governor pelo see the novel I'm startling towards snob yeah looks like it's nothing to me yeah I don't think number eight I I I don't think if you did see it he would have necessarily engaged in it anyway so how yeah well it's a tradition anyway and surely the well you should be aware of that's also a tradition for her to say it's my grand honor and supreme dignity or whatever it is right and she she left that out just said here's a president exactly open animosity well what are you know way more money is hot the headline there her cat like a beauty the hash tag easily distracted it's it's interesting and were watchin we got the video rolling of the state of the union address it's interesting because she's in a room full of normal people if you were in a Hollywood you'd be painting the crowd and she just be another person yes it when you're painting the crowd full of regular pale on made up normal looking people asymmetrical would you come to hurt like hell beauty what was I going to say there she is sandwiched between the wife and mom of a service family and Rush Limbaugh yeah which will have to talk about that later the Rush Limbaugh part of the speech so it how do you end this I've seen this happen with families I've seen it happen with coworkers I've seen it happen with like brothers and sisters and stuff like that it becomes a will you did this you did this you did this you can trace it back years right so until both sides are willing to say okay let's stop because trump can say what you called me insane and a Russian agent right white and look at you and shake your hand there enough when she would say you know you just you just keep going back further and further and further right right well I believe there will be a reconciliation is in in January at the inauguration it will last seven or eight minutes at most and on we will go and so there are true you know here's what you must never forget Sir and this is why both of us are small government guys there are so many trillions of dollars at stake all these people care about is whether they're in control of the trillions of dollars yeah they'll get rich off of it that's right that's for certain they get to play this game in people jab about it like a soap opera mail get rich I'll tell you this though from the point of view of the president and his party he healed it last night absolutely Slade it could not have gone better those who hated made it at the persuaded bulls in the Middle vow it was a winner so is the archive the keeps those signed copies the speeches are gonna take the torn apart and put it in a museum somewhere half too yes that be great let's introduce serving a squad there's our board operator Michelangelo pressing buttons Flippen toggles pulling levers are this morning with a good you know Nancy Pelosi was in the background as a present was speaking I was hoping she was gonna make like a shovel in motion or a you know put a finger in her throat or quotes and it was you at some point you just puts a fake moustache and glasses on and just stand Michael hold on to those lines they they fashioning but didn't quite go there put on a fake mustache glasses and cross your arms I'm asking start given sums up and as a side that's what I think of the entire C. span we can line up it's different who who there is positive schon whose smile lights up the room are you shown doing very well my favorite character from the SO two last night was I didn't know his name at the time but representative Billy long and he had the distinction of he was the one with a water of cash sticking up the top of his pocket I didn't notice that yeah let's see here but yeah apparently this is a movie he's pulled before when he knows he is you know when you have those I like the presence of the podium and you got like six people behind them very often just has a it it's a lot of cash I don't know if it's a twenty on front and then just pad never they're not going to pull in but what's he trying to accomplish yeah what's his message I don't know who's got money is given thumbs up the whole time I just thought that was a that was a that was a bold look hello me money might I don't know what the prices are the concessions at these SO two speeches are not if it's like arena beer prices and stuff so you just need to twenty is because you know it Hey it's at least a twenty every time you go to concerts are made to go out and and and check out strippers afterward I don't know we reached new lows every single day the headline in the New York Post is tore loser with a picture of an anti tearing up all all evening they like the ponds there at the New York Post as they do yes I'm Jack Armstrong he's Joe getting on this Wednesday February fifth in the year twenty twenty or Armstrong and getting we approve of this program oh boy I'm telling you hunter S. Thompson said it when the going gets weird the weird turn pro so I guess where the man for the times let's begin the show officially now according to FCC rules rags at mark three years ago we launched.

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